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How NES Health Technology Works

How NES Health Technologies Work with the Energy of the Body

The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the body's energy control system, which we call the body-field. This system drives all the activity of the body, which is why our "energy" assessment feels so accurate to one's health concerns and why our products can have such powerful effects on how someone feels.

The BWS does this work with 3 incredible tools:

  1. Our bioenergetic assessment, which looks at how energy and information are flowing in the body and looks for areas that need support. In short, the body needs enough power and accurate communication to operate the way it's meant to. We're able to see where it is underpowered or communicating poorly, and our practitioners use our miHealth and Infoceuticals to support those areas.
  2. Our bioelectric device with real-time biofeedback, called the miHealth, can jump start the correction process when used in clinic with a client. Optionally, clients can order their own miHealth from their practitioner and use it daily based on scan results, or simply to address a broad range or issues that can arise at any time.
  3. Our liquid remedies, called Infoceuticals, carry the information that should be present in the body-field to drive proper activity in the body. When distortions occur to this information, things begin to break down in the body. Essentially, the body is continually rebuilding itself, and when it's blueprint is inaccurate, it rebuilds problems. Infoceuticals act as a guidance system, using resonance to restore integrity to the body-field, allowing the body to rebuild itself correctly.

Want more details? Read on for a deeper dive.

How Scanning Works

Professor Peter Fraser, who co-founded NES, spent decades exploring how energy and information flow in the body to maintain health. While you can read the details in books like his Energy & Information in Nature, he effectively found that everything has its own vibrational signature, and that communication takes place through resonant vibrations. These are not simply, single-frequency vibrations, but whole sets of frequencies based on all the energy present in a cell, organ, or system.

Underlying these complex frequency sets, however, are more fundamental frequencies, which gives frequency similarities. This allows things that appear to be different to still have similarities that allow them to "speak" via resonance. When two different things are resonant in this way, we say that they have a "match."

This appears to be the basis of the meridian pathways of traditional Chinese medicine. Our research has found some differences in terms of all the connections on these meridians, but also confirmed a lot of the traditional view. We do not see these only as energy pathways, but information pathways, essentially setting up an instantaneous wireless communication system in the body.

Using specialized electronic equipment, Peter was able to find mathematical codes that "matched" with different elements of a healthy body-field -- i.e., a control system for the body that was well powered and where all elements were communicating accurately.

As you may know radio waves (frequencies) carry information that allows a radio to turn the waves into music. In a similar way, the energy of the body generates waves that carry information about our body. The sound waves of the voice do the same.

Because of this, we can record information of the body from either touch (because the body emits these waves) or the voice and then compare the results with our math codes in the software. A healthy body-field should match these codes. If we don't see a match, we know that area of the body-field needs support.

How the miHealth Works

miHealth is an incredible technology that won the CAM [Complementary and Alternative Medicine] Magazine device of the year award and was featured on The Doctors show. It combines the best of several technologies and then leaps forward with proprietary features of NES Health. Here's a summary of how it works:

TENS Technology
TENS devices are popularly used to address pain by sending electrical impulses into the skin, thereby interacting with the nervous system. This can help to block pain signals to the brain as well as trigger the release of endorphins to the area being treated, which further reduces pain.

The problem with conventional TENS technology is that it uses one set frequency while in use, which means the nerves can become desensitized to it, limiting the effectiveness of the treatment. That's why miHealth goes beyond TENS with SCENAR technology. (And then goes well beyond SCENAR as well.)

SCENAR Technology
SCENAR devices are an improvement on TENS because they use real-time biofeedback to adjust the frequency of each pulse according to the way the skin responds to the treatment. This helps to make the most of the electrical stimulation, better stimulating the body to relieve pain. But miHealth goes beyond this as well.

When using the miHealth on the skin like this, it will also indicate areas that need extra attention, as they will literally feel "sticky" as you attempt to move the device across that area of the skin.

Global Scaling Technology
Nature works through fractals, basically using the same patterns in different ways to more efficiently produce life. As a result, there are very specific frequencies preferred by nature to communicate with life (and their harmonics). This is based on a theory called global scaling.

While other bioelectric devices -- including TENS and SCENAR devices -- may boast of the number of frequencies used, they use high level and general frequencies. For example, they may use 100 Hertz as a particular setting.

NES Health research, meanwhile, found the global scaling frequencies preferred by nature in order to more effectively and efficiently work with the body. So where another device uses 100 Hertz, miHealth might use 101.xxxxxx, accurate to many decimal points. This gives miHealth a precision unmatched by others.

Built-in Electrodes
Some TENS, SCENAR, and other bioenergetic devices only work with "external" electrodes. This means that you need to plug in sticky patches to place on the body (and replace regularly) or other external units to interact with the skin. miHealth can do this as well, but it also has electrodes built in for immediate use and ease of portability.

PEMF Technology
miHealth also makes use of PEMF technology, or pulsed electromagnetic fields. There is extensive research showing the health benefits of PEMF across a wide range of conditions.

Now, there is a lot of debate as to how strong therapeutic PEMF should be. Benefits have been seen with both strong and weak fields, and NES has opted for very gentle magnetic fields. Consider why:

When you are using a magnetic field therapeutically, it's interacting with the body through its own fields first, and from there affects the DNA / cells, etc. Homeopathy works in a similar way -- it doesn't work chemically, but through fields. And actually, the more you dilute a homeopathic solution, the stronger it becomes.

Thus, we've opted to use subtle magnetic fields to avoid the negative impact of strong magnetic fields while stimulating powerful therapeutic benefits.

This PEMF technology is in use when you use the electrodes on the body, but they can also be used "off body" without the electrodes being used. This means you can literally enjoy a treatment while the miHealth is in your pocket or sitting next to you. This is a great way to make sure you use it every day without having to find the extra time for electrode use. (But the "on body" use with electrodes is very powerful, especially when supporting the body through pain. So both are fantastic options.)

BUT ... miHealth also goes beyond the traditional use of PEMF.

NES Health Information Technology
Obviously a NES Health exclusive, every setting of the miHealth not only chooses the precise frequencies needed (based on global scaling), but it also sends proprietary NES Health "information" on the carrier wave of that frequency. So while you're getting the benefits of traditional SCENAR and PEMF at a level of precision found nowhere else, you're ALSO getting "digital Infoceuticals" -- that is, you're getting the kind of information provided by our liquid remedies to guide the body in its healing response. (See below for more information on these remedies.)

As you can see, miHealth is really in a class of its own, because it uses a number of existing and effective therapies, combines them, and takes them to an entirely different level. Which is why our study on miHealth showed that 88% of people using it had symptomatic benefits after just 1 session with it, and this increased with additional use.

How Infoceuticals Work:

Infoceuticals are based on the theory that there is a subtle body-field driving the activity of the body, and that this body-field responds to non-chemical influences. We actually know the body does this because of the biological responses to electromagnetic fields as well as light and sound, both shown to alter the expression of DNA.

For more than a century, scientists have also frequently -- and independently -- discovered that water can carry non-chemical information. And as a result, something that simply looks like water can actually have biological effects (beyond hydration).

For instance, French immunologist Jacques Benveniste was a highly-respected researcher with more than 300 published scientific articles related to the study of molecular biology. Initially a skeptic about the idea of water carrying information, research carried out in his lab eventually showed him that this was possible. His team diluted human antibodies to the point of no original substance being left in the water, and yet the water still had a biological effect, as if the substance were still there! White blood cells literally reacted to the diluted water as if the antibodies were still present in the water.

Homeopathy actually works along these lines, as its dilutions leave little to no residue of an initial substance yet still stimulate response in the body. While researchers have both proven and disproven this effect, more recent research suggests why we see both success and failure with homeopathy -- it seems to work better with certain substances and at very precise dilutions. When done right, homeopathy seems to show once more that water can carry information and drive biological change.

Homeopathy, however, relies on the body having enough energy and the correct information to have a healing response to a remedy. Under our theory, however, a body is often sick specifically because energy and information have been compromised in the body. So Infoceuticals take an opposite approach: rather than gently stressing the body with the information of herbs or toxins (as homeopathy often does) and hoping for a corrective response ... Infoceuticals actually just guide the body toward the right response.

In other words, we use resonance (the "wireless" communication system of the body) to speak to the body and give information that acts as guideposts, helping the body to find its way back toward wholeness.

If you remember the math codes we talked about earlier -- specific codes that are in resonance with the way the body-field should operate -- we are able to imprint these into mineralized water. So when this water is introduced to the body, it's able to introduce those resonant qualities that the body-field should have.

This imprinting process takes place in a 10,000 volt electrostatic field, and the actual codes are imprinted with magnetic fields and photons. This is what alters the water and allows it to store the information that the body needs. This is an Infoceutical, and now you know why something that appears so simple can have a profound effect on the body.

Our BioEnergetiX WellNES System allows you to:

1) Assess the body in just seconds for a detailed analysis of the body-field ... the underlying control system of all the body's activity.


2.) Rejuvenate the body’s energy with powerful NES miHealth therapies that clear blockages, release trigger points, and correct energy flow through the body.


3.) Restore an optimal blueprint for the body to build itself from using Infoceuticals. This supports energy production and correct communication throughout the body.


4.) Align your life choices with your health goals through our lifestyle course while also enhancing your inner journey of personal development using our Life Journey software and personalized meditations.

If you're a health professional:
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