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NES Health: Easy. Effective. Educative.

  • We promise to make it easier to restore your energy for life

  • We promise to keep innovating more effective solutions

  • We promise to educate you on the best and latest ways to regenerate your health 

  • We promise to protect and not share your personal information.

Passionate. Groundbreaking. Socially-driven.

With more than three decades of research as its solid foundation, and a flourishing global community of over 5,000+ practitioners, NES Health leads the world in bioenergetics.

NES Health provides a complete system to restore health and energy at its source. By looking at the physics underlying the biochemical nature of the body, we can now analyze and correct the body’s bio-field and information, which, after more than 30 years of scientific research, has been shown to be the master control system for the body’s health and functioning.

We approach health from the key perspective that energy and information control biology.

Cutting-edge science has proven that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, we call this the Human Body-Field.

In over three decades of research, we have discovered that distortions and blockages in the
Body-Field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function, can lead to physical problems and deteriorating health.

Our BioEnegetiX WellNES System, comprising our full suite of solutions,  identifies and corrects these distortions, so that the Body-Field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

How It Started

The Story of How It Started

NES Health began its journey over 13 years ago with a humble question…

How can we help someone heal if he’s too sick to get out of bed?

This was Harry Massey, our founder’s, question back in 2000. Harry was suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome which left him bed-ridden for more then 7 long years. He had tried every kind of conventional and alternative healing approach he could find but nothing had given him a permanent cure.

Then, as a result of his own research, he met a visionary scientific thinker named Peter Fraser. That was when everything changed. Peter was an acupuncture expert who had spent more than 20 years researching what he called the ‘human body-field’ and developing remedies based on it. Harry volunteered to try them and, amazingly, over the next two years was able to make a full recovery.

Peter and Harry began working together, combining Peter’s stunning research with Harry’s entrepreneurial skills and remarkable technological insights. They founded NES Health to develop practical applications based on this new understanding of the information and energy that make up the Body-Field.

Together they created the world’s first practical clinical system for ‘reading’ the Body-Field and then correcting it. Since then, we have continued to innovate new solutions and technologies, including the first-ever handheld healthcare device that allows healthcare practitioners to remove distortions in a client’s energy pathways and stimulate trigger points to bring the body back to its natural oscillation.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Because of our origins in serious chronic issues, we understand the pain and misery any discomfort or that can cause. We also intimately understand the frustration you may feel when no-one can explain why you’re unwell, nor how you can begin to heal or correct the issue.

Too many people around the world struggle with pain, sickness, deteriorating health and unexplainable illness – and such struggles can lead to a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness that no-one should ever have to experience or attempt to live with.

This is why we’re so passionate about changing the way healthcare works. And we’re dedicated to making a difference. Not just as a company, but as a family of individuals who fiercely believe that health and wellness no longer has to be as difficult as it’s been in the past.

For example, we are dedicated to eradicating:

  1. The suffering and hopelessness associated with chronic debilitating illness or unexplained conditions. We believe any manifest pain or issue in the body can be corrected by detecting the underlying distortion in the Human Body-Field.
  2. Declarations  of ‘incurable conditions’ when there are actually viable alternative solutions.
  3. The belief that genetics and biochemistry are what control our bodies – and that there is nothing we can do if we are predisposed to a certain condition.

Our clinical studies, extensive scientific research, and the demonstrable effectiveness of our suite of products – along with the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received, show us that we are entering a revolution, and that the ways we approach wellness as a society and as a planet are steadily and truly changing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission here at NES Health is to empower medical professionals, practitioners, and eventually all individuals with the technologies and products that can restore optimal energy throughout the body, and provide tangible pain relief as well as correction of any distortion or deterioration in the body.

To this end, we believe:

  • That the energy and information of the Human Body-Field is what controls our body’s health and its functioning.
  • By correcting the information as well as the energy flow throughout the systems of the Human Body-Field, we can restore optimal health to each of those systems and to the body as a whole.
  • That people should be in charge of their own health.

Our Team

Our Team

Here at NES, we are a truly diverse and international family. With regional offices spread across the UK, Florida in the US, the Netherlands, and in Australia, we strive to keep our heads and hearts plugged into the unique cultures, needs and wellness goals of each country and region.

Each member of our team has a very special role, as well as his or her own intimate connection with this work and our mission to revolutionize healthcare.

We’d love for you to get to know the faces and names behind our company!

The Future

The Future

At NES Health we are developing new tools for giving people control over their own health. We have also built an expanding worldwide network of more than 5,000+ healthcare professionals who work with the emerging field of Bioenergetics.

Harry Massey, NES Health’s CEO and founder, works tirelessly to bring this ‘new medicine’ to wider public awareness. 

Our vision for the future is to lead the new wave of bioenergetics beginning to emerge, through making our research, technologies and clinical studies to more medical and alternative health practitioners – and also into the mass awareness of the general public. Doing so will help empower each individual to better manage and restore their own health.

Our goal is to enable individuals around the world, so that no matter what level of pain, illness, or deterioration they may be experiencing, they can begin their journey from the comfort of their own home – using our scanning device to communicate with their doctor or practitioner.