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Feel Good Infoceuticals

Support the body's energy and information flow with our lifestyle range Infoceuticals for everyday needs.

NES Health Infoceuticals are liquid remedies designed to support the body by stimulating energy production and optimal cellular communication. Most of our Infoceuticals are provided by NES Health practitioners only following a bioenergetic wellness assessment, which offers exciting, personalized insights into your state of wellbeing.

But our "Feel Good" Infoceuticals can be purchased through our practitioners at any time, with or without a scan. (Find a practitioner here that you feel connected with and ask them for a free account in order to purchase Feel Goods. These Infoceuticals can be thought of as general lifestyle or home remedy solutions. The kind you'll want to keep on hand for everyday use.

Our Feel Good Infoceuticals include:

  • CFI (Cold, Flu & Immunity Support): supports the body's natural ability to recover from cold & flu symptoms by supporting the healing process of related tissues. May provide relief from fatigue, promote drainage, and re-tune cellular function. Supports lung and large intestine meridians.
  • Chill: encourages a calm mental state and the release of emotional and sensory data. May be helpful when suffering from constant, long-term stress, especially from worry. May assist those who struggle to fall asleep due to tape loops of thoughts that they cannot shut off.
  • Day: supports the body's ability to make use of sunlight and be in sync with the day portion of their circadian rhythm.
  • EMF: helps correct energetic imbalances from radiation exposure. In addition to consuming this with water, it may be used topically on the hands, back of neck, or other exposed areas.
  • Energy: enhances energy available for physical activity. May be useful when energetically depleted due to chronic illness, mental exhaustion, stress, toxic exposure, malnutrition, or poor breathing. Use before and during physical activity.
  • ESR: supports the release of emotional stress, soothes the digestive tract, and may assist in the absorption of nutrients. In addition to taking with water, may be applied topically to areas of physical trauma.​
  • Fat Metabolism: helps to correct and normalize liver function, hormonal activity, and metabolism of fat. Supports the nervous system and may encourage appetite regulation.
  • Female: supports female endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and wellbeing.
  • Heart Driver: helps with decision-making processes; mental clarity; and integration, identity, and self esteem. Helps regulate emotions. May have a beneficial affect on skin tone and appearance.
  • Heart Imprinter Driver: energetically enhances the heart's ability to imprint nervous system information onto the bloodstream. Helps re-establish the head-heart connection, promoting mental clarity and a positive emotional outlook.​
  • Love: promotes feelings of unity and unconditional love for oneself and others. Supports personal transformation, and helps to clear the crown chakra.
  • Male: helps support the correct male endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and wellbeing.
  • Nerve Driver: supports the nervous system to help your body deal with stress. Helps to shed toxins, calm the system, and aid in your ability to get a restful sleep.
  • Night: helps to align the body-field with the night portion of the circadian rhythm and promote the body's functions that take place during the night.
  • Peace: promotes a calm mental state, mental clarity, and honesty with oneself. Enhances the head-heart connection to resolve conflicts between emotions and logical thought, as well as memories that have caused disharmony.
  • Polarity: aids in correcting energetic distortions brought on by air travel, over-exposure to electromagnetic fields, chronic illness and geopathic stress. May assist in physical and emotional detoxification. Particularly useful for jet lag.
  • Rejuv: helps rejuvenate the body after sports, strenuous physical activity, physical injury, impact or shock. Aids in tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, muscle tone. May ease muscle strains, swelling, and trauma. May be applied topically in injured areas.
  • Sleep: promotes balanced sleep cycles and regulation of your body's natural rhythms. May have a harmonizing affect on the body's entire energetic system. Use 3-4 times throughout the day, with the last dose before bedtime to reset your sleep cycle.
  • Youth: addresses aging of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as age increases. May have an effect on melatonin production. Corrects the effects of radiation from the sun and other sources. Helps to ease electro-sensitivity for all ages, senility, mental confusion in older people, poor sleep due to melatonin deficiency, degeneration of tissues, and X-ray exposure.

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How to Take Feel Good Infoceuticals

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Feel Goods are purchased through our practitioners, and you can find one here if you wish to buy some. They can provide more specific guidance as needed, but in general, you can simply add drops to a glass of water and drink them.

You can generally take 1-2 droppers full, giving you approximately 20-40+ servings.

They are made of mineralized water and have a slightly salty taste.