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Life Journey Screens

Helping counselors and clients explore one's inner journey and matters of personal development.

The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) offers a bioenergetic assessment that bases its results on interactions with energy fields produced by the body. For counseling purposes, the exceptional thing about the collective "body-field" is that it is the storehouse of our subconscious state.

This field holds all the information about us and represents the template around which the body continually builds itself, which is why it's so important to ensure its integrity.

But this is also why stress, memories, traumas, and beliefs -- all stored in the body-field -- have such an extraordinary impact on our physical wellbeing. They alter the body-field and the way in which the body builds itself.

Life Journey Collage

With a BWS scan, counselors can instantly tap into what's going on at the subconscious level, seeing not only what needs support but also what is ready to make a positive shift! Clients are almost universally surprised by the accuracy of what the scan picks up, and professionals tell us that discussing these screens with clients helps to open them up to sharing things they were previously holding back.

Not only does this help to guide counseling work, but also with Infoceutical selection, as Infoceutical work at the level of the body-field and can help to release stresses and traumas at this deeper level, helping to get faster and longer-lasting results with clients.

Life Journey screens include:

  • Life Purpose
  • Be the Change (Virtues)
  • Hero's Journey
  • Archetypes
  • Beliefs
  • Emotions
  • Transformations

The "Be the Change" and Beliefs screens are also the basis for our powerful and completely exclusive "Personalized & Imprinted Guided Meditations" -- downloadable meditation audio files your clients can purchase that are completely customized to them based on the results of their scan.

The meditation audio walks them through a 15-20 minute meditation on their Virtues and Beliefs that are ready for attention and positive change, and we support their progress with corrective information for the body-field, similar to how our Infoceuticals or miHealth drive change!