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Personalized, Imprinted Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations taken to a whole new level. Personalized and imprinted with information to empower your personal development.

The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) offers a bioenergetic assessment that bases its results on interactions with energy fields produced by the body. The collective "body-field" is the storehouse of our subconscious state, which gives us a powerful opportunity to know the most efficient path forward in personal development at a very deep level.

In fact, we're able to show areas that both need support and are ready for that support, ready to shift in positive ways. For our personalized meditations, we look at virtues, or areas of strength to develop; and we look at limiting beliefs that need to be overcome.

We take the top 3 of each of these and personalize your meditation based on your individual needs and opportunities. Your 15-20 minute meditation guides you through visualizations and "I am" affirmations. This is done at the conscious or semi-conscious level, as of course you're brought into a deep relaxation through the meditation.

But the meditation is much more powerful than just that ... and this makes it different from any other guided meditation. Our meditations also imprint the body with our proprietary healing support. We open and close the meditation with ESR, or "Emotional Stress Release," relaxing and opening the body to very deep work. As you're guided through specific virtues and beliefs, you are given body-field support to shift in each of those areas at the subconscious level.

So now, you're shown the fastest direction for making progress ... and you're given the subconscious support to make progress more easily than ever before! This is an incredible tool for anyone interested in personal development, and it's available through your NES Health practitioner. If you don't have a practitioner yet, you can find one through our locator.

You can experience a sample here, which includes several short clips from a complete meditation: