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NES Health is an international company headquartered in Tampa, FL with offices in the United Kingdom, and Australia. Our products and solutions enable health practitioners to radically transform their patients’ well-being through our bioenergetic technology solutions. Our goal is to create the Easiest, Most Effective and Educative Health System for Humanity.

In addition to our practitioner solutions, our award-winning company driven by our dynamic Founder, Harry Massey, is also behind leading-edge alternative healthcare ventures:

  • The Living Matrix Movie 
  • Choice Point Movie 
  • Supercharged 



If you’re driven by the desire to make a positive impact and you want to take your place among a team of leaders, we’d love to know why you’re the perfect fit for NES Health.

Extraordinary goals require extraordinary people, and that’s where you come in. To work at NES Health, you should probably be someone who is:

  • Passionate about health and driven to change the world through better wellness solutions
  • Pumped about being part of a collaborative team where your talents are needed and valued
  • Accomplished at being a leader and owning your skill set – we expect you to do what you do best without a ton of micromanaging

We hire for character, not position. In other words, if you are a fit – whatever your age or stage in life – we’ll know!



We are a colorful, diverse bunch… our culture is fueled by the passion and creativity of our employees!

We believe work should be fun, educational, collaborative, and absorbing; it should make you feel inspired and eager to contribute your part. At NES Health, you’ll have the opportunity to create, learn, collaborate, play and color outside the lines.

We’re lean, but not mean. To change the world, we don’t have the time or energy to get bogged down in micromanagement. We’re focused on where we’re going and we trust our employees to live the company mission and values and drive the business forward by focusing on our clients.

We don’t waste time overanalyzing or questioning potential; we’re always willing to experiment to discover what does and doesn’t work. We want you to succeed and feel supported while blazing trails as a team.

Speaking of trail-blazing, NES Health is a member of several entrepreneurial and marketing networks including Genius Network and Titans Marketing, so you’ll be learning from the BEST. Access to the best industry minds, as well as thousands of free resources for personal development, training seminars, and ongoing coaching offers a true opportunity for the right applicant to build an amazing career!



  • Your own health will improve as you help bring wellness to the public. You’ll have direct access to the groundbreaking NES technology and health solutions for yourself.
  • You’ll have opportunities for travel, continued education, a flexible work environment, and the ability to learn from some of the world’s most well-known masterminds in health and wellness.
  • You’ll help shape and create the healthcare of the future – we don’t want to brag, but what we’re doing is truly game-changing.


Whether you’re in research, development, marketing, sales, administration, or engineering, we’re looking for A-level players.

If you don’t see a position that interests you, click here to let us know how you can make a difference at NES Health.