Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

Chapter 9: Bringing It All Together

By now, I hope you’re seeing how the concepts of recharging your life fit together. In bioenergetics, we absolutely see the importance of biochemistry, as the food you eat and the water you drink and the oxygen you breathe all play critical roles in everything we’ve talked about. So do other forms of energy exchange with your environment, including exercise, getting adequate sunlight, grounding, and so on. This is how we power the body battery.

But there are deeper secrets that we only unlock when we explore the physics of the body – secrets about the control system that moves energy and is really behind all the chemical processes that take place in our body. Assess and correct this control system and you can optimize the use of energy in your battery.

Correcting this control system is about making sure communication takes place properly throughout the body so there is a coordinated effort in running things. One aspect of this is making sure every part of the body knows how to speak with every other part. But even if they know how to speak with one another, sometimes there are blockades we have to deal with – things that get in the way of clear communication. This includes toxins, pathogens, and even the distorted fields caused by stress and trauma, which remain in the body-field until they’re resolved.

Let’s Make It Visual

I’d like to bring this all together for you in a visual way so you can understand what happens when we move through acute disease, why disease sometimes becomes chronic, and how we would move out of a chronic condition from the perspective of bioenergetics.

Let’s start with a little more science, which I’ll explain in simple terms. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that entropy in any given system – which includes the universe as a whole – must always increase.

Sound complex? Well, it basically means that chaos, or disorder, is always increasing as the universe moves toward a time when all particles and heat are evenly distributed. At this point, the temperature of the universe approaches absolute zero and nothing else can really happen. It’s effectively the death of the universe. (Of course there are debates as to whether it then contracts and starts all over again, or more “big bangs” happen and keep life going, etc. That’s beyond our discussion here.)

But oddly, as the universe expands and moves toward absolute chaos, something else incredible happens: life emerges. Not only life, but life in ever-greater complexity. Why? In terms of physics, as the universe expands and entropy or chaos increases, so does information; and with information comes structure and purpose and beauty and life. Or as we say in the fourth principle of bioenergetics: “Information Opposes Entropy.” Information takes the chaos of random flows of energy and organizes it all into the world we know.


4th Principle of Bioenergetics:

Information Opposes Entropy


We’ve talked about how we have an underlying control system that governs all the energy in the body. That it’s a communication system, where information is shared between all the parts of the body. This happens inside us, and it happens throughout the universe. Information is the reason all the energy in the body is held together in a very specific way.

Information gives us coherence, communication, and efficiency in the body. When information is compromised – as it can be by toxins, pathogens, and emotional issues – coherence, communication, and efficiency decrease. In this case, chaos rises, leading to disease and death.

In the case of intentional hormetic stress, which we’ve talked about in this book, the body is pushed slightly out of balance and slightly increases in entropy (chaos). This makes the body less efficient, so energy use is increased, but only a little. Assuming things are working correctly, the body reacts with a corresponding increase in information and correctly restores our efficient state of being. Again, the value of this intentional hormetic stress is that it keeps the body more flexible, more adaptable to different situations.

In the following image, you can see how someone’s energy naturally varies within a small range when they are keeping their battery charged and the control system is working efficiently. Remember, we don’t like to spend a lot of energy. We like to spend as little as possible while maximizing its effectiveness so we can do a lot with a little. This is the best scenario for survival. So ideally, we don’t want to be in an overactive state or high-energy state, just as we don’t want to be in an underactive or low-energy state. We naturally move through reasonable periods of stress and nurture as part of this natural fluctuation:

Bioenergetic Health Stage 1

Acute Conditions

But now let’s say someone’s body is compromised by a virus. As the virus spreads its damage in the body, there is an increase in entropy (disorder), which means the body must spend a lot more energy for two purposes:

  • It has to continue carrying out everyday operations, but in a state of disarray, so everything becomes more difficult.
  • It has to mount a defense against the virus. From a bioenergetic perspective, this means activating its Energetic Terrains (ETs) to restore order to the genetic and cellular terrain; as these are corrected, they can reject the virus, as it no longer has a place where it can thrive.

On our chart, we would see this as an increase in energy use while the ETs are activated:

Bioenergetic Health Stage 2


Assuming someone has enough energy and accurate information in the body-field to respond in this way, the situation is resolved and they move back to a place where their energy levels fluctuate around an optimal level. Problem solved and they go on with life.

Chronic Conditions

But real life isn’t always that clean. While we’re meant to be recovering, we may still have to go to work, raise a family, pay the bills, etc. We may be spending so much energy on everyday life that we don’t give ourselves enough space to move through healing. Past traumas and toxins in our environment may already be sapping us of energy, as they lead to inefficient or faulty communication. In this case, we keep spending a high level of energy and draining the battery, but never fully recovering. And when this happens, we eventually reach a point when the body battery just can’t keep up, and at long last energy levels plummet and we enter a chronic phase of disease:

Bioenergetic Health Stage 3


Once someone reaches a chronic state, the situation obviously isn’t going to reverse until something changes. The battery needs to be recharged and efficiency needs to be restored. Or to put it another way, information needs to be corrected so it can oppose entropy and the breakdown of the body. Anything blocking this correction needs to be removed or resolved as well. This is what our NES Health coaches help people to resolve. Each one offers his or her unique talents to assist, and each can guide you through a NES Health assessment, whether this takes place in person or from the comfort of your own home.

If working in person with a coach, they can scan you on the spot – the assessment only takes a few seconds. Or you can purchase a scanner for home use and have the results sent immediately to your coach. Either way, you’ll then discuss the results and, based on these results, your coach will provide you with a personalized set of Infoceuticals needed to charge your overall body-field, detoxify the body and remove toxic blockades, and restore coherence and communication throughout the body-field and into the physical body.

More than that, as I explained, our system also tests for the energy field distortions that get locked inside us when we don’t fully process stress or traumatic experiences. There they sit for years, sometimes for a lifetime, causing miscommunication and inefficiency in the body and a breakdown of health for reasons we can never understand. Because often, these are subconscious issues manifesting as real health problems and fatigue. So we test for these, and our Mind-Body Infoceuticals are designed to help resolve their energy state, releasing us from their grip at last.

Many people report having vivid dreams when taking these Mind-Body Infoceuticals as past emotional issues are brought to the conscious mind for processing while we sleep. Others go through short periods of strong emotions as they release things from their past. Still others simply experience an emotional shift, a change in the way they respond to life. In all these cases, the end result is not only a different outlook on life, but also a change in the body-field that allows for accurate communication and efficient energy use once more.

Finally, the Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals support the body’s corrective process so it can respond to damage that’s occurred from various health problems. The body has an incredible healing system that’s helped humans survive for ages; now we have a way to help that process succeed.

As you can see, the scan and Infoceutical program are designed to perfectly complement the various lifestyle steps I’ve also encouraged throughout this book – the two go hand in hand. It’s my belief that taking personal responsibility and steps toward good health – rather than leaving all this in the hands of health professionals – is an important key to healing and continued health.

Completing the Illustration

Let’s put all that together now on the illustration we’ve been using. When someone has reached a chronic state, it’s because of one or more of the following:

  • Their body battery wasn’t charged well enough and now it needs to be charged. This is why we teach so much about recharging the body. Our Source screen and Energetic Driver Infoceuticals also support this process.
  • Communication is breaking down in the body-field, and then in the rest of the body. While all our Infoceuticals help to restore communication overall, this is especially the role of Energetic Integrator Infoceuticals.
  • The body’s Energetic Terrains didn’t work well enough to resolve whatever occurred in the acute stage. They need to be better supported, which is the role of Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals.
  • Things are blocking effective energy flow and communication, and these need to be removed or resolved. These are generally toxins, pathogens, or energy distortions from emotional issues. Food and environmental toxic cleanup, as well as Energetic Driver Infoceuticals, can help to rid the body of toxins. When corrected, the body’s Energetic Terrains can drive out pathogens. And with our Mind-Body Infoceuticals (along with other appropriate therapies), we can help to resolve emotional blockades.

When the body’s battery is powered once more, the blockades are removed, and the Energetic Terrains are supported, someone in a chronic stage can mount a new healing response. This may be seen as a sudden surge in energy, a shift in symptoms, etc., but it often isn’t permanent because the body doesn’t necessarily go through a full correction over night. Someone may see a return to the original condition though often not as deep or severe. This is a period for more rest and recharging of the battery so the Energetic Terrains can mount another effort. This pattern continues with shifts occurring and some relapse, but each time not as deep. Over time, if one continues to put all these pieces together, overall energy and wellness can be restored as the body returns to that place of energy fluctuating gently within its optimal range.

Bioenergetic Health Stage 4


This is the true goal of working with NES Health solutions: to restore active wellness to people’s lives through the most holistic approach possible. Not just for the sake of feeling good, but for getting back to the things that matter in life: friends and family, hobbies, life goals, and so on. We’re not here to watch life pass us by, to have no pleasure in it because we’re simply too tired. We’re here to make our own special contribution to the world – and no one else can contribute what is ours to give.

For seven long years, I lay in bed, hardly able to walk. Frustrated about being a burden on my mother; frustrated that I’d gotten through so much schooling, only to end up unable to do anything with that education; and of course overwhelmed with the idea that, at such a young age, I had little to look forward to. Luckily, my hope held me up long enough to discover that there was a way out. A way up. A way to recharge my energy and to live life to its fullest.

This is now my dream for you. For your loved ones. And for people across the world. I believe the time has come for us to embrace the future of wellness, which makes the best possible use of everything we’ve learned about the body, and not just some of what we’ve learned. We can embrace the best of medicine, the best of nutrition, and the best of so many other modalities.

But it’s time that we also embrace the other half of the story. The physics of the body. The energy of the body and its control system. It’s time to embrace bioenergetics and restore, at last, our energy for living out our dreams!

At NES Health, we want the world to discover what bioenergetics is all about. So we offer a variety of resources at absolutely no cost.

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