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Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

Chapter 8: Building on the Revolution

If you remember my story from chapter one, I didn’t just drain my energy with all my activities. I actually injured myself. The fall I took while ice climbing turned out to have fractured my spine. Although it hurt, I didn’t know it was fractured until several years later.

As powerful as the Infoceuticals are for deep, corrective work, we needed something different to help people with physical issues like this. After all, I needed it personally, and we know that physical pain is something that hundreds of millions of people around the world struggle with.

As you may know, many of the world’s best solutions come about because someone has invented something, as nothing else really addressed the problem they were having. And at the time, I had yet to find something that fully corrected my back pain, so I needed to invent something new. I didn’t want to just create a variation on things that existed. I wanted to take what we had learned in our first 10 years as a company and go beyond what anyone was doing.

This quest led us to the miHealth, a handheld bioelectric device that works both on-body and off-body to stimulate profound results. It works incredibly well on pain, but can also support a wide range of concerns and ultimately helped me to resolve my chronic back pain.

Because it’s not a consumable, it can be used on a daily basis for years for everyone within a household or a health clinic, helping with things as they come up. And while it can be used perfectly well on its own, it’s also designed for use with our software assessment, combining the immediate work of the miHealth with the deeper, corrective work of the Infoceuticals; the software also indicates more precise settings to use on the miHealth. (These are called “Energetic Rejuvenators,” and they help to restore the flow of information along the Energetic Integrators of the body-field.)

I’ve included an image here so you can see what it looks like, but understanding how it
works needs a little background on other bioelectric devices.

miHealth Bioelectric Device

NES miHealth Shows 93% Effectiveness in Outcome Study

We conducted a large outcome study for miHealth that included 251 participants and collected data across 367 data points. In the study, 88% of the participants benefited from NES miHealth therapy after just one session. After a second session (by 155 participants), 93% reported improvement. Of the overall group, 144 participants considered their symptoms chronic; 85% of these saw improvement.


Symptoms supported most often were chronic and acute pain, joint and muscle issues, nerves, and stress, although others were supported as well.


TENS Technology

TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” This therapy has also been used for decades and is still used by hospitals today. But in my opinion, there’s a self-serving interest as to why they would use it, as I’ll explain in a moment.

This will sound odd, but TENS devices basically work by beating up your nervous system. Using electrodes on the skin, they send electrical signals into the body to interact with nerves that are signaling pain. And TENS devices take what I would call a destructive approach – they just keep sending signals until they wear out the nerves, which in turn stop sending pain signals to the brain. True to the conventional medical approach, the device does nothing to solve the underlying problem but it can, for a little while, mask pain by exhausting the nerves.

Since the results only last for a little while, you can see why I feel this therapy is self-serving in a hospital setting. As the pain returns and the patient realizes the TENS device isn’t likely to help for long, he or she may turn to drugs as an alternative solution. Which of course is a profit center for the hospital.

SCENAR Technology

SCENAR is another technology that took the TENS concept and added biofeedback, which completely changed the game. SCENAR stands for “self-controlled energo-neuro adaptive regulation.” First developed by the Russians to keep their cosmonauts healthy in space, SCENAR devices interact with the nervous system and “adapt” their electrical signals based on real-time feedback from the nervous system. So rather than continuing to pound the nerves with a frequency and tiring them out like a TENS unit does, SCENAR acts as a stimulant by constantly changing its signals. In the process, it also contracts and releases local tissue, which naturally increases blood flow to the area. In this way, SCENAR stimulates an actual healing process.

While we’ve talked a lot about the body’s underlying control system, once you get into conventional biology, the nervous system plays a primary role in the body’s communication. It’s involved not only with pain, but also with digestion, respiration, circulation, and much more. Given its restorative effect on the nervous system, you can understand why there are countless case studies on SCENAR’s effectiveness for all these areas. There is also published research in the US National Library of Medicine[1] and elsewhere.

When I was exploring solutions for our company, I loved the idea and impact of SCENAR, but I wanted to take it to the next level. SCENAR works with a limited set of frequencies that can interact with the nervous system, which enables communication, but not the precise level of communication I wanted us to achieve. Using a concept called global scaling, we developed the miHealth to communicate in a way that’s similar to the SCENAR process, but much deeper. miHealth works with extremely precise frequencies going down to several decimal points. Continually speaking with the nervous system and switching frequencies many times every second, miHealth adjusts to very precise needs, rather than to the general needs that SCENAR can handle.

PEMF Technology

But that isn’t all that miHealth does. Yes, using electrodes on the body, it can act as the world’s most precise SCENAR system. But I also took inspiration from another established technology and modified it for our purposes. This allows it to be used “off body” as well, affecting the body through fields in addition to the on-body electrical stimulation.

PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic frequencies” and represents a technology that has been around for decades and boasts a wide range of health benefits.[2] As its name suggests, it doesn’t require electrodes in contact with the body to work. It affects the body through the air by generating electromagnetic fields that interact with the human body-field.

While we love the idea of conventional PEMF, you cannot produce the same strength of magnetic fields with a small device like the miHealth. But we were inspired with this approach to speaking with the body through magnetic fields and did something that only NES Health can do: we used these fields to communicate the corrective information of Infoceuticals into the body-field.

In this way, we work with a magnetic field that’s so subtle it cannot be picked up by most EMF detectors, benefiting those who are sensitive to EMFs. This is why people are comfortable keeping it running in their pocket or on their desk beside them much of the day, as it’s effective within a couple feet of the body. (Normally, if something has detectable EMFs, like a cell phone does, we advise keeping it as far from your body as possible when not in use unless you know its effects are beneficial.)

So while the powerful magnetic fields of conventional PEMF technology have their own benefits, we’ve done something much more subtle yet equally powerful in its own way: we’re providing the body-field with corrective information, using resonance to restore its function and allowing it to do its work of healing the body and keeping it healthy.

Because we’ve based our entire business on this concept of body-field correction, this is where we excel. So we’ve created the miHealth to run over 100 different programs to assist in life’s most common situations, whether it’s to help overcome pain, support joints or muscles, drive off a headache, promote better sleep, assist with emotional processing, or any other number of items. In short, once you’ve used the miHealth, it’s just one of those tools you’ll always want around.

And since miHealth works whether it’s touching your body or not, it can be used while you’re sleeping, watching TV, working at a desk, and so on. When it’s off body, you benefit from the PEMF-based information correction for your body-field. But the PEMF technology is also at work when you’re using the electrodes (the improved SCENAR technology) on body. In other words, when it’s used on body, you get the benefits of both.

Charge the Body Battery; Optimize Its Use

Looking back on everything we’ve talked about in this book, think about this: restoring one’s energy means charging the body battery and improving the body’s control system. With the miHealth, you literally introduce electrons into your body battery when you use the electrodes on your skin. You are helping to charge the body battery. And whether you use it on body or off body, you are helping to improve the body’s control system. The miHealth can literally help with both sides of the equation!


Restoring one’s energy means charging the body battery and improving the body’s control system. With the miHealth, you help to do both.


Best of all, when you use it on body, you can match the information specifically to what you’re trying to support. If you need support for digestion, there’s a setting for that; if for a recent sports injury, there’s a setting for that; if for a nerve injury, there’s a setting for that. And so on. We even have a 24-hour cycle to support the organs according to traditional Chinese medicine, where each organ is at peak activity for two hours a day. Of course we don’t support these aspects of the body physically, but through the control system, through the deepest level of how the body works.

There is some overlap between the “information” support of Infoceuticals and the miHealth, but plenty of this support is unique to each. We consider the use of both ideal because the daily use of Infoceuticals on areas that cannot be touched by miHealth is essential. But miHealth is fantastic about working on more immediate physical concerns and kick-starting the body’s control system to better receive Infoceuticals. On its own, it represents a powerful home wellness solution that can help when anyone in the household needs a hand.

Where We’re Going from Here

miHealth was a giant step forward in our wellness revolution, and we couldn’t be prouder about the results we’ve seen and the feedback we’ve received. But even now, we’re working on the next stages of our revolution, and I thought I’d share a glimpse of where we’re taking this world of bioenergetics.

When we first started out, our assessments could only be done face-to-face with a health coach or practitioner, as the software was on his or her computer. Several years later, we developed a piece of software that clients could download to their own computers; this allowed them to buy their own scanner and send their scans to their coach. While they wouldn’t be able to see their own scan results, the at-home software allowed them to work remotely with a coach and benefit from the system no matter where they lived. This was a huge goal of mine since I was bedridden all those years ago, as I’d been searching for a way to bring wellness to those who were simply too unwell to travel around looking for help.

More recently, we moved everything online, allowing coaches to show scan results to remote clients. If going online seems like a subtle step forward, it’s not. It’s the foundation of our next revolution, allowing us to expand in many ways for both our coaches and their clients:

  • It lets us more quickly roll out updates to the software.
  • It lets us build out tools to help our coaches run their businesses – things like scheduling, health intake forms, follow-up forms, and more. As much as possible, we want to remove the burden of business from our coaches so they can focus on what they love: helping people to recharge their energy for living fully.
  • It allows us to have a web-based app, so clients and their coaches can review scan results anywhere, anytime.
  • We’re developing additional ways to gather health data to use in combination with our body-field scan. This will potentially let us connect bioenergetic readings with more conventional readings and further decode the human body-field as well as refine our bioenergetics philosophy. It will, for instance, help us to see the effects of different Infoceuticals and the miHealth in different circumstances and guide our product development. And from all this, we plan to provide deeper insights and more effective solutions to coaches and clients alike.
  • In fact, overall, the more we can assess about a client, the more we can use this platform to provide bioenergetic recipes, lifestyle tips, and anything else that helps to recharge their lives.

This is just a glimpse. Each step we take opens new possibilities, and my past vision of empowering people to recover their energy and health from the comfort of their own home is truly taking shape. By streamlining business for our coaches, we help them focus on the personal engagement that gives the most meaning to them and their clients. And by building a platform that helps to engage clients in their own wellness process, we’re moving into an era where we can truly maximize results. Because for all the power that comes from improving one’s control system, results are always best when someone is ready to get well and will take their own conscious steps in that direction.

And that leads us nicely into our final chapter, where we’ll talk about bringing all this together.



The miHealth provides a signal for the body to heal itself. What’s hard to understand is it really doesn’t do anything except provide the signal. The body does everything else.

– Dr. David Matthews, MD







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