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Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

Chapter 7: Restore the Body's Control System

Let’s summarize what we’ve talked about so far:

  • Medicine focuses on the body’s chemistry to suppress symptoms rather than supporting the body’s healing processes.
  • Nutrition focuses on the body’s chemistry too, although the goal with nutrition is to support the body’s healing.
  • Nutrition is an important part of overall wellness, but it often doesn’t go deep enough to get the job done because of its focus on chemistry.
  • Chemistry is controlled by physics – by the control and movement of energy.
  • If you really want to get to the root cause of problems in health, you need to provide energy to the body and make sure it’s being used correctly. Then everything else can fall into place.

In bioenergetics, our focus is on the physics of the body, or what we call the “master control system.” We teach many methods of charging the body’s battery as well as the need to improve the use of this energy for better health, meaning we have to assess and correct the control system. In the last chapter we talked about how to assess it – how to see where it needs support. The next big question is: how do you support it?

Resonance and Communication

When we talk about this control system, or “body-field,” we’re talking about something that uses the resonance of energy signals to provide communication throughout the body. If parts of the body that are supposed to be talking aren’t talking (they’re not sharing resonance), this means that one or more of the signals has gone bad. This would be like trying to talk to someone else on a CB radio, but you’re using different channels, so you’re not hearing each other. You need to get back onto the same channel.

Think about what this means in the body. If all the liver cells are in resonance, communicating the message of a healthy cell, then these cells will act in harmony, doing what healthy cells are meant to do. This represents a healthy liver. But if something like stress or toxins distorts the fields of some of these cells and they stop communicating with the rest, then they have to work in isolation. They may not adjust to the immediate needs of the liver, so it fails to get all the support it’s looking for and starts wasting energy to get things done. In this situation, new stressors and toxins may have a bigger impact, distorting more cells, and the problem builds. If distortions are too great, the operating instructions of the cells could actually go bad, in which case those cells begin to malfunction and literally work against the health of the liver. This would eventually become some sort of liver disease. Of course we’re not looking at disease, but at where it comes from. We’re looking at the initial issues that caused the problems in the first place. That’s why bioenergetic corrections are so important.

Another possible communication problem is that parts of the body just aren’t speaking efficiently. This means that something is blocking their resonance, and that blockage needs to be resolved. This would be like having a cell phone conversation with someone when the signal keeps breaking up and you’re only catching half of what the other person is saying. Getting your message across in this case means a lot of repetition, sometimes raised voices, and sometimes having to call back. In short, a lot of extra effort – or energy – goes into this communication. When this happens in the body-field, it means the body battery is being drained more quickly.

The Incredible Story of Water

Fortunately, there really are ways to resolve this, and it involves the incredible story of water. We’ve already talked about the fourth phase of water, where water forms structures around water-loving surfaces, including both the inner and outer membranes of every cell in the body. I explained how light and heat can build up these structured layers and form a battery throughout the body to help charge us. This is an incredible point that’s ignored by most scientists today, but it’s easy to see and understand through Dr. Pollack’s work.

What’s equally important to understand is that this structured water becomes less like a liquid and more like a gel in the body. Imagine for a moment you have a bowl of water in front of you and a bowl of thick gel. You put your finger into the bowl of water and then the bowl of gel (like a gelatin dessert). Which one do you think will retain the impression of your finger better? Of course the gel will. It retains a form of “information,” showing evidence of the interaction it had with your finger. A detective, for instance, might be able to learn about the size of your finger, maybe pick up a fingerprint, and so on. All real information.

This is just meant to give you a visual idea of how structure can hold information better than liquid water can. Structured water in the body has a far more intricate method that may, for instance, involve “programming” the oxidative states of the oxygen in this water. Once programmed, it could alter DNA and proteins throughout the body and literally drive every process of keeping you alive and healthy.

The idea that structured water can store and share information is something that’s been proposed by scientists for the last hundred years, and it’s gaining steam as evidence continues to mount. Unfortunately, as scientists come to acknowledge this, they will have to reexamine everything involving water, which includes most of the planet and most of the human body. That’s a big ask and, as you can imagine, there is a lot of money and power on the line with this. Like all change, it faces resistance. Like all monumental change, it in fact faces monumental resistance, and it has for a century. Scientists’ lives have been ruined for daring to show research demonstrating the memory of water. But the growing research will be hard to suppress for long.

Memory of Biologically Active Substances

Let me summarize what I mean about water storing and sharing information, and then we’ll look at some of the research on the topic. Let’s say there is a plant that, if eaten, has some sort of effect on your body. We would call this a “biologically active substance,” or “BAS,” because it’s a substance that affects your biology. Easy so far, right?

But from our perspective, it’s not the actual substance that causes change in the body – it’s the ability of that substance to communicate with the body-field. In other words, the substance has an energy signature, or frequency, that interacts with the body-field and causes it to react; and since the body-field is the control system of the physical body, then the physical body also has a reaction.

If this is true, then in theory if you removed the physical substance but were able to retain its energy signature, that signature would still have an effect on the body because the substance isn’t the cause. And indeed, this is what we find! When we put a biologically active substance (BAS) into water and vigorously shake it, we can dilute the substance to the point that it’s no longer physically present in the water. But researchers have found that the water can still cause a biological effect. It’s as if the water has been imprinted with (and “remembers”) the information or signature of the BAS. As a result, if someone were to drink that water, the water would still be able to introduce that signature into the body, no substance needed.

Opposite Effects?

In the early 1900s, Nikolai P. Kravkov was researching this topic in Russia. He looked at biologically active substances (BASs) when diluted in water to the point that molecules of the original BAS were no longer present. And then he studied the effects of the water. Here’s where it gets really interesting: if the original BAS was known to cause one response in the body, the imprinted water would cause the opposite effect. For instance, substances that normally constricted the blood vessels, like adrenaline or histamine, instead expanded blood vessels when introduced as an imprint of information in water.[1]

Why would it cause the opposite effect? This goes back to the idea of hormesis. Too much stress breaks the body down and weakens it. But a little stress makes it respond with corrective measures, making it stronger and more adaptable. If you were to consume a large amount of some toxin, it could make you sick or kill you. But in minute doses, the body can respond with a corrective measure.

In both cases, the stress or toxin initially impacts the body in a “negative” way. They are having a similar effect on the body, but at much different levels. However, in the case of a large dose (of stress or toxin or anything else), the body is overwhelmed and cannot have a strong enough corrective response. So we see the body move in a “negative” direction – toward illness. But in the case of a very low (“hormetic”) dose, the body engages in a “positive” corrective response that we can see. It moves toward health.

In other words, the stress or toxin always causes the same directional effect on the body initially, but when we measure the response of the body, we see opposite results. The large dose causes a negative reaction (illness); the small dose causes a positive reaction (movement toward health).

This is the concept behind homeopathy, in which you introduce a very subtle version of something that would normally cause symptoms of illness in the body; you’re looking for the body to then respond with a corrective response. If you’ve chosen the correct homeopathic remedy, then this response is meant to pull someone away from whatever sickness they’re dealing with. But in homeopathy, you’re not just dealing with a “small” dose – you’re dealing with energy signatures similar to what Kravkov was studying. The original substance is no longer there. So it’s a very subtle dose that the body, ideally, can respond to in a positive way.

If you think about it, this “small dose” approach is even the concept behind vaccinations. By introducing a weakened or even inactivated virus into the body, doctors hope the body will have a corrective response by building up immunity to that virus rather than getting as sick as it would upon exposure to the wild virus. Unfortunately, vaccines also expose the body to a tremendous toxic load and are usually given through the blood rather than through the respiratory system, contrary to how we might normally catch a virus. But the concept is there for introducing something weak so that the body has an easier time mounting a response.

So when Kravkov studied the effects of BASs when diluted in water, he saw the body responding in an opposite way to how the original BAS would affect it. This makes sense, because the energy signature stored in water was working in a more subtle way on the body, speaking only to the body-field directly, but speaking to the body indirectly. This means that the body was more easily able to respond in a positive way.

Magnetized water is another example of water memory that can be seen in everyday and conventional usage. Magnetized water is well known to reduce the buildup of hard-water deposits and lime scale in pipes and technical installations. But the really impressive point is that the effects of magnetizing water last long after the magnetic field disappears – for hours and even days. On that observation alone, we should understand that water can retain information and continue to affect things with that information.



Can Water Memory Affect Biology?

In their book, The Emerging Science of Water, Professors Vladimir Voeikov (Lomonosov Moscow State University) and Konstantin Korotkov (ITMO University) show evidence of just that. For example: “Exposure of Dugesia tigrina planarians [flatworms] to a combined magnetic field increased the intensity of their motor activity.”[2] That part shouldn’t surprise us, as there are thousands of papers showing the impact of pulsed electromagnetic fields on biology.[3] But this study was different because, according to the authors, the effect didn’t just come directly from a magnetic field. Instead: “Water treated with a magnetic field transferred this effect to untreated planarians.[4] In other words, the water had retained the information of the magnetic field and recreated its biological effect.


There’s a lot more research available and, if you want to explore it, I encourage you to check out The Emerging Science of Water. That said, there is one major case from the 1980s that we need to explore. That is the case of famous French immunologist Jacques Benveniste. In 1983, someone in his lab asked to pursue research on homeopathic solutions. At the time, classically-trained Benveniste did not think that homeopathy could produce a biological effect, but to his credit, he was open minded enough to let the experiments take place.


Much to his surprise, the research began yielding results that conventional science would not expect. Basophils are a type of immune system cell that reacts easily to biologically active substances (BASs). In this testing, the researchers would dilute a BAS in water to the point that none of the original substance remained; chemically speaking, they were left with nothing but water. Yet the basophils reacted to this water as if there were still a BAS present. In short, the water appeared to still hold the information of the BAS and communicate that information to the basophils in much the way I’ve already described – through resonance, or the similarity of vibrational patterns.


After years of research, Benveniste was convinced the world needed to know about this, so he attempted to publish his findings in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, only to have them refuse. They were convinced his findings were impossible. Eventually he convinced them to publish under the condition that they would follow up with a visit to his lab to verify the research. He agreed, and the research was published – but with commentary from Nature’s editorial staff about their doubts and a promise that they would follow up with their readers on the topic.


The editor of Nature took two people with him to Benveniste’s lab. One of these men was James Randi, who is not a scientist but a renowned “fraud buster.” The other man was not a biologist but a physicist. They asked to see the research repeated, which it was, successfully. They then demanded repetition of the experiment but with new protocols that the visiting group designed. Among these changes, basophils were used that were “not sensitive even to high doses of the antibody.”[5] So why would they have expected these to work when exposed to the dilution?


Nevertheless, Nature did follow up with their readers and told them the whole thing was nonsense, effectively destroying Benveniste’s career. Meanwhile, other labs – following Benveniste’s original protocol – were able to repeat his results.


But this is what I’ve said: when you go down this road of water holding information and communicating that information to the body, you’re on dangerous ground as a scientist. Countless researchers have demonstrated this effect over the last 100 years, and countless have lost funding and careers. This is why we hear so little about it in our culture, while a lot of this research continues in Russia and elsewhere.


Imprinting Water Electronically

After this, perhaps with nothing to lose, Benveniste took his work even further and demonstrated the ability to transport biological effects into clean water through electronic networks. After all, if diluted substances left a frequency pattern, or information pattern, in water, then there should be a way to electronically produce a frequency pattern in water and get it to produce a biological effect in this way. And that is what Benveniste found to be true.


The logic is simple: if biology responds to frequency patterns as I explained in the last chapter, and if water stores and transmits these patterns as I’ve shown, then why wouldn’t you be able to go directly to the water with the pattern, avoiding the original substance altogether? Just imprint it, electronically, right into the water.


Today, this is happening. Some bioenergetic practitioners imprint homeopathic remedies in this way. Meanwhile, researchers are imprinting the information of conventional medicine directly into water and getting results, potentially without stressing the liver the way medicine does. But why enter the world of bioenergetics and then still give someone the information of a drug to suppress symptoms? As you’ll see, we cooked up a much better idea.


See, there’s an important limitation to the hormetic approach, and this impacts the use of herbs or homeopathy and other wellness approaches. If the body is lacking energy, it cannot respond in a corrective way. (It doesn’t have the fuel.) And if the master control system – the body-field – isn’t working correctly, then it doesn’t know how to respond in a corrective way. In either case, the hormetic remedy could make the problem worse, or at least not make things better.


That’s why it’s critical to charge the body battery and make sure the control system is working the way it’s meant to. Communication throughout the body must be efficient and accurate. If you address these two things – the body’s battery and its control system – then healing can occur. If you address these two things, you could also use hormetic remedies; they might still encourage further adaptation and strength in the body. But the corrective approach is the more fundamental approach.


Yet as far as I knew when Peter and I first met, no such thing existed. While Peter’s original remedies used water imprinted with information (I’ll explain how this is done in a moment), they were not corrective in nature. They took the conventional idea of killing off pathogens and simply attempted to do this with information in water rather than with drugs. As I said, this had a profound impact on me; imprinted water did for me what nothing else had been able to do. But the remedies were still taking us in the wrong direction.



Changing Direction and Creating Infoceuticals


When Peter and I started working together, I challenged him with an entirely new approach. If the body needed to restore correct information in the body, why not simply give it that correct information? Why not literally show the body-field what it should be doing and, through resonance, bring it back into the right vibrational patterns? Like the vibrations of one tuning fork making another tuning fork start to vibrate, you can simply present the right energetic signatures to the body-field and bring it back into a more ideal state. It can then begin to heal the body.


It was the eureka! moment we needed to develop a whole new type of information remedy, or what we now call an Infoceutical. It was a remedy that didn’t rely on assumptions about what the body-field could do, but supported it no matter what condition it was in and helped to restore this underlying control system; it started to reestablish accurate communication and efficiency within the body.


Based on this premise, Peter used his matching technique to compare each aspect of the body-field to detailed mathematical codes – codes that could be expressed by a computer in order to imprint the exact informational pattern we needed in water. Over the years, he developed hundreds if not thousands of these codes that could all be used to create Infoceuticals. Through testing and clinical observation of what was most needed and most successful in practice, we whittled these down to fewer than 80 for use in our system.


Infoceutical Bottles



How Infoceuticals are Made


With the codes in place, we needed a way to transfer this information into water. Here’s the process we developed:


  • We work with structured water so it can store the information for a long time in a stable way. We use minerals in purified water, as minerals provide the water-loving surface for the water to structure around.

  • We imprint in the presence of an electrostatic field. When others in this area of research shake, or “succus,” water to dilute a BAS and imprint its signature into water, they only get results because of the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Researchers have found that, when this process is done in a Faraday cage (with no exposure to the Earth’s fields), the imprint cannot take place. This gives us a huge clue about the importance of the Earth’s fields.

    According to our research, this usual imprint process is not as stable as we would want it, because the Earth’s fields – while massive – occur at a relatively low level. This is why homeopathic remedies can be rendered ineffective if they go through security X-rays or are left near a microwave oven. To solve this problem, we created a machine that produces a 10,000-volt electrostatic field to give us an incredibly stable imprint in the water. Our testing shows that Infoceuticals retain their information for years and can safely go through security X-rays or be stored near microwave ovens.

  • Within this field, we use photons and other elements modulated by our mathematical codes to imprint the water with information. This information represents the ideal energy signature of some aspect of the body-field so that, when it’s introduced to the body-field, it can use the principle of resonance to guide the field back to its proper frequencies.

The critical point to this approach is that it restores coherence within the body-field when someone takes an Infoceutical. This means the field can make better use of energy in the body while restoring the body’s ability to heal itself and keep itself well.


What Kind of Results Do People See?


And do they work? Well, I’ve shared a handful of testimonials throughout this book showing how people have responded to taking Infoceuticals. And this barely scratches the surface among the tens of thousands of clients who have experienced this path to wellness. What’s astonishing, though, is to see someone who has their doubts before taking as little as a single drop and having a response. While most people take around 15 drops a day of each Infoceutical in a protocol, everyone is different; when the body is ready for change, it’s ready for change, and sometimes it only takes a small “informational” trigger to start the body on a road to wellness.


Think how different this is from the medical approach. Something has gone wrong in the body-field and eventually this manifests as a physical disease. Rather than correcting the body-field, medicine wants to use drugs to suppress the symptoms that are actually clues to what’s happening on deeper levels. These drugs may suppress symptoms, but they also cause further distortions to the body-field as well as higher-level chemical problems. These distortions cause new symptoms to arise, which is why drug commercials are more about side effects than they are about benefits. With new symptoms come new drugs, and as people age, they end up on more and more drugs. This isn’t just a tragedy on the personal level; it’s also an economic tragedy on the world stage. Unless of course you’re a pharmaceutical company. Then it’s genius.


With Infoceuticals, it’s never about symptomatic suppression, but about healing support. Giving the body what it needs to restore itself. The changes that occur can vary greatly. Yes, people see shifts in energy levels. They also see symptomatic changes as the body heals, sometimes in a matter of hours, often within days. But they also see things like habit shifts and changes in their outlook on life. I can’t tell you how often we hear about things that might sound trivial to an outsider, but to the person who went through the change, it’s monumental because it’s about a habit or outlook that colored everything in their life. Sometimes a person moves through these changes without any discomfort, but as anyone who works in wellness knows, sometimes the body goes through short periods of discomfort in the healing process. The big difference here is that this is not long-term. Also, Infoceuticals are not addictive, and they don’t lead to a lifestyle of side effects leading to more side effects.

Here's something we couldn't put into the original book: a handful of video testimonials.




An Alternative to a Big Pharma Lifestyle


I saw these two pathways – medical and bioenergetic – firsthand. In my story, you see that medicine and many other approaches had failed me, and it wasn’t until I started supporting my control system that I saw results and began to recover my health. During that healing process, I also received another diagnosis that better explained much of my fatigue: I was told I had Addison’s disease, for which I was given cortisol. I took this for a time, which led to me becoming diabetic, at which point I was supposed to start taking insulin. But I saw where this was spiraling, and this was another point when I said, “No more, I’m taking back control.” And I focused once more on correcting the body-field, along with making careful nutritional choices so I didn’t have an urgent need for insulin. With this approach, I was able to overcome the challenges that were accumulating and get myself back to a state of real health.


Medicine Sweeping Symptoms Under the Rug



To this day, I make the right lifestyle decisions coupled with taking Infoceuticals in order to avoid the long and winding road of a pharmaceutical lifestyle. Given the expense and side effects of drugs, it’s the only way I can see living life. Do I see a place for drugs to help with emergencies? Of course. Should you stop current medications without professional advice? That’s a personal decision, and if they’re urgently needed in the short run, then the answer is no. But from my experience and the experiences of thousands of others, when you give the body the chance to heal, you also give it the chance to “say no to drugs.” Eventually, health problems can resolve themselves and you simply won’t need that kind of medical intervention. This is a freedom that I wish for every person on the planet, and it’s a huge part of why we’re so dedicated to bringing our solutions to the world.


Restoring integrity to the body-field not only provides an alternative to a Big Pharma lifestyle. It also means that other wellness options I’ve talked about – like homeopathy, herbs, and antioxidant stimulants – are likely to see better effects too, because you’re helping to make sure the body knows how to respond to those and that it has the energy for doing so. This is exciting, because not only can Infoceuticals work alone, but they can also complement widely known approaches to wellness.


In fact, this benefit extends beyond consumables. From our very earliest days, we’ve heard from chiropractors that their adjustments were lasting longer, and we believed we knew why. If the body-field represents a template that the physical body builds itself around, and the body-field becomes distorted, then the body is likely to follow the distorted pattern. That includes the spine. In 2017, we also surveyed a small number of practitioners using our system to ask how many saw improved results with their clients. An incredible 89% of them told us that, yes, they were getting better results. While the sample size was small, it included practitioners using a number of modalities, including massage therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic and integrative doctors, and more.



Research on Infoceuticals


It’s also exciting that we’ve had several people do studies on Infoceuticals over the years. These are, of course, not the multi-million-dollar studies that only pharmaceutical companies can afford. (And remember that we talked about how those same companies cherry-pick their results from these studies anyway.) But all the research has provided fascinating confirmations about the impact we’ve seen in individuals’ lives.


For instance, in a large-scale comparative study of Infoceuticals carried out by the Centre for Biofield Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Thornton Streeter, 96.5% of the 200 participants in the active group experienced a positive change (compared to 35% in the placebo group seeing positive change).


Another study was carried out by Desiree Del Monte under the supervision of renowned energy medicine researcher Dr. Norman Shealy at Holos University. Her research showed that Infoceuticals led to a reduction in depression scores and self-reported stress measures in 54 subjects with immediate members of family in active service in the military.


In another study, Infoceuticals showed a positive physiological effect throughout the research period as determined using mean arterial pressure readings. These readings measure blood flow, resistance, and pressure within the arteries and are an important indicator of cardiovascular health.


Wellness Score and Symptom Severity Improvements


We also implemented short, self-reporting questionnaires into our cloud-based software system to gather data on symptoms associated with energy / fatigue, pain, sleep, and stress / anxiety. We identified pre / post-visit effects on wellness scores (WS) and symptom severity (SS). This study included approximately 6000 participants with two visits or more, approximately 3000 participants with three visits or more, and approximately 1800 participants with four visits or more.

Since it’s difficult to observe change in those who report a high wellness score or low symptom score in the first place, we looked at those with the most obvious needs. Among the 264 participants with two or more visits who had a WS < 4 at their first visit, the mean WS was 2.21 at Visit 1 and 4.48 at Visit 2, a 102.7% increase. Mean SS was 7.15 at Visit 1 and 6.41 at Visit 2, a 10.3% decrease. Both differences were highly statistically significant.

Likewise, of those who began with SS > 7, by their second visit, 31% saw no change, but an incredible 57% saw a mean improvement of 32% in their symptom severity.

Pain Data
Among those reporting on pain symptoms with three or more visits and WS < 4 (14 participants), there was a 91.6% increase in WS and a 6.2% decrease in SS. For those with three or more visits and SS > 7 (58 participants), there was a 21.6% increase in WS and a 14.1% decrease in SS.

Fatigue Data
Among those reporting on fatigue with two or more visits and WS < 4 (24 participants), there was a 164.4% increase in WS and a 10.8% decrease in SS. For those with two or more visits and SS > 7 (59 participants), there was a 12% increase in WS and an 18% decrease in SS.

While the data was self-reported and not collected with a research study in mind, it gives us strong evidence about the wellness benefits experienced by significant numbers of clients, especially those with the greatest need!

[Since writing this book, we have begun new research, whose early results you can read about here.]

And as I talk about where we’re taking our technology, you’ll see that we’ve only just begun on our mission to restore energy to millions of people around the world.



How They're Made and Types of Infoceuticals


All Infoceuticals are designed to improve coherence in the body-field. You could think of this as a collective resonance allowing communication between all parts of a particular system. Based on extensive research, we know that water forms itself into structures that can store information and produce a biological effect from this information. So we imprint Infoceuticals onto structured water using photons and other elements modulated by our proprietary mathematical codes. These are the same codes used in our testing software, so we can match the body-field to the Infoceuticals it most needs to restore proper energy flow and communication within the body.


Infoceuticals are taken daily because introducing correct information one time is not enough to retrain the body-field. Developing a new habit takes weeks of practice before it becomes natural, before it can overtake the momentum of our past habits. In a similar way, Infoceuticals use resonance to guide the body-field toward improved order; by taking them daily for several weeks, we help to make this new order more stable and lasting.


Produced under an electrostatic charge of 10,000 volts, Infoceuticals hold their information for many years, even if exposed to everyday fields from security X-rays or cell phones or microwave ovens.


Since all Infoceuticals seek to restore coherence, they all help to correct communication and energy flow within the body-field. So you may wonder why we describe different types of Infoceuticals. It has to do with their greatest impact, which depends on what aspect of the field they’re supporting.


BFA, Polarity, Day, and Night are four specific Infoceuticals that help our body-field respond correctly to the environment. Given our continuous exchange with the environment and the mass scale of fields generated by the earth, alignment with the outside world is an important step in maintaining a healthy control system.


Energetic Drivers seek to restore coherence mostly at the organ or system level, improving the flow and therefore the strength of energy within that system. This helps them to amplify energy levels for the body-field as a whole, powering the overall communication systems of the body.


Energetic Integrators work on information pathways between cells, organs, and systems. They have to do with the critical, everyday operations of the body. This means they do less to amplify energy for the body-field as a whole, but restore communication across the body in ways that Drivers cannot.


Energetic Terrains work on information pathways similar to the way Energetic Integrators do, but these pathways have to do with the body’s self-correction mechanisms. We could call these healing or repair pathways. Our research shows that they work on the cellular and epigenetic scale, seeking to restore proper genetic expression throughout the body when errors in the body-field have altered the energy signatures of DNA. These faulty signatures may resonate with pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi, allowing them to live within the cellular terrain. As the fields and genetic expression are corrected, the cellular terrain is changed and no longer resonates with these pathogens. In this way, a healthy cellular terrain has no place for pathogens to thrive, so it begins to excrete them. This obviously plays an important role in recovering wellness.


Energetic Stars are combinations of other Infoceuticals designed to support specific systems within the body-field that need extra attention. These include formulas to support the body-field as it relates to immune function, the brain, detoxification processes, and powering of the male and female endocrine systems.


Mind-Body Infoceuticals work a little differently. Most of the others are reminding the body-field how to work the way it’s meant to. But mind-body Infoceuticals help to remove blockades to communication. These are blockades caused by stress, shock, or trauma. When these are not resolved, they live on as distortions in the body-field that cause tremendous inefficiency. This is why stress and trauma are connected to so many illnesses and even early death, and why resolving them plays such an important role in our system.


Feel Good Infoceuticals are available for use at any time, with or without a scan, although they are still purchased through our coaches. Think of these as elements of a home remedy kit, available when you need them. They are useful in everyday situations and tend to have positive, uplifting effects.


NES has given me not only the knowledge and skills to truly effect change in others’ health but also the confidence to go out into the world and make my dreams come true. I am so proud to be a NES practitioner. My practice is based on serving others and contributing to the world in my small way with an open heart and a keen mind.

– Jinanjalie Dissanayake



[1] Voeikov, Vladimir and Konstantin Korotkov. The Emerging Science of Water, p. 32.

[2] The Emerging Science of Water, p. 15.


[4] The Emerging Science of Water, p. 15.

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