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Chapter 6: Assess the Body's Control System

With Peter’s mapping of the human body-field as our foundation, along with remedies that had already turned my life around, we had a revolution on our hands if we could do two things:

  • Make it fast and easy to assess the body-field so we knew what needed support, which is what this chapter is about.
  • Take the remedies in a new direction that would make them unique compared to other solutions. We’ll talk about this in the next chapter.

The first item was tricky: how do you measure an invisible control system? How do you measure information that is carried in fields? At that time, we were limited to Peter’s own matching tests, or even his gut intuition, as to what remedy someone needed based on what they were dealing with. This had several problems:

  • First, his testing was a relatively slow process, so it wasn’t ideal.
  • Second, Peter’s method relied heavily on one’s skill in testing, which could easily introduce practitioner bias and affect a client’s confidence in the assessment. Becoming a skilled practitioner would take a long time and, even if someone became skilled in it, no one else was Peter. He brought his own approach to testing that we weren’t sure others would be able to duplicate. We wanted something that was more objective and that would eliminate the possibility of practitioner bias.
  • Third, when he went with his gut, Peter could get good results because, honestly, any of the remedies can be beneficial. But some provide more benefit than others, depending on the needs of the body-field. So if his intuition was only partly right (even though he was seeing good results), this wouldn’t be the best method to pass on to others. On the other hand, if he was 100% accurate based on his intuition and got the best possible results, we’d have no reliable way of passing that intuition on to other practitioners and expanding access this revolution. Again, we needed something more objective.

Worse yet, on this last point, this more intuitive approach was largely based on symptoms. If someone was dealing with certain symptoms, he expected that person to need certain remedies. This is no surprise – it’s how medicine works, and herbal remedies, and nutrition, and homeopathy. It’s the linear problem / solution mentality. Now, to his credit, Peter saw the holistic connections of the body and considered these in his recommendations, but the approach still started with symptoms. And when I explain more about our remedies, you’ll see that the linear medical approach is exactly what we shifted away from in terms of how they were created.

Symptoms, after all, aren’t what’s wrong with someone. It’s why medicine that just suppresses symptoms never actually heals someone. What’s more, the same symptoms in different people can have different causes when you actually look at what’s happening in the master control system. So why would we determine remedies based on symptoms? Yes, it was possible to get results with this approach, but it didn’t look at the root cause, so it didn’t optimize our use of the remedies. We needed something better. Something that would move us completely away from disease mentality and into the world of wellness mentality. Something that would take us into the future of energy and health.

NES Health Bioenergetic Assessment

Developing a New Assessment Technology

Fortunately, in my bedridden days, I had studied a wide variety of things, including bioenergetic technologies. Because of this, I knew it was possible for a computer to detect things about a person; working with Peter and his past research cleared up how this was possible. This knowledge encouraged me to develop our own computer assessment. And, given Peter’s years of research into mapping the human body-field, we had a truly unique and comprehensive assessment – different from anything available. It not only looked at the flow of energy and information in the body-field, but it also tested things in the correct order according to the needs of that field.

Now, I say it was comprehensive, and it was. But there was a key element missing that we added several years later, and I’ll cover all of that in a bit as I talk about the details of this assessment.

But first, let’s talk about how our assessment is possible. How can a computer effectively speak with the body’s control system in order to provide results that frankly shock most people when they have a reading done? The answer is surprisingly simple. Remember that fields govern energy through resonance. For instance, an MRI uses resonance in a powerful magnetic field to alter protons in the body. So the effect of fields is real and measurable even in a traditional sense.


In a similar way, any electronic equipment can affect the body. Electronics produce fields that interact with our own field and, through resonance, change the movement of energy in the body. Since electronics usually have unnatural frequency patterns, they can have a negative impact, especially depending on field strength, proximity, and amount of exposure. This is why many people are concerned about excessive cell phone use. Of course the opposite could be true if electronics exposed our fields to beneficial frequency patterns, helping to restore correct actions in the body. That is exactly the idea of our miHealth, which I’ll talk about in a later chapter.


Since we know that fields affect the flow of energy, it should be obvious that the body-field also affects the flow of energy in electronic equipment. As a society, we normally don’t bother to measure this, so we don’t think about it. But it happens. And in our case at NES Health, we do bother to measure this.


When someone places their hand (or any part of the skin) against our scanning device, their field begins to interact with and affect our software. And remember, the body-field carries all the information that instructs the health and function of your body. So all that information is present in the way it interacts with our software – it changes the answers gathered by our system in very specific ways. While influenced by the body-field like this, our software effectively asks a series of questions – thousands of them in fact; but because of the speed of computer processors, it all happens as if taking a picture and is processed within seconds.


These “questions” are really the mathematical codes Peter matched to our various remedies and test items, so the software has a way to present each one as a yes or no question. Does the body-field match to (need the support of) a certain remedy? Yes or no? Does the body-field match to certain nutritional elements, or environmental toxins? Yes or no? And we ask each question many times.


By odds alone, we know what answers the software is likely to produce on its own. We can then compare this to the answers we actually get, showing the influence of the body-field and giving us a way to read its information.


In doing this, we have a clear indication – without the bias of a practitioner – of what support the body-field needs. It’s all done in seconds, and is according to the wisdom of the body: from the perspective of the master control system (the human body-field), and not according to superficial symptoms, what is most needed at this time to improve conditions for this person? What will best restore someone’s energy and overall communication in the body? That is what our software answers, with specific remedies recommended for this support.



Interpreting this Assessment

Even with this level of repeated verification, we assume nothing about the severity of a reading. We assume nothing about whether it’s chronic or acute. Even if the reading does represent something chronic in the body-field, we have to remember that changes in the body-field precede changes in the physical body and might not yet be seen in someone’s physical symptoms. In other words, it might not have started manifesting in the physical body yet, or it hasn’t become noticeable. We are looking at root causes, not end results. And that’s what we want to correct. That’s why we never attempt to make a physical diagnosis.

As you can imagine, though, when we see entire patterns of test items all related to something in the body, or we see test items frequently showing up in someone’s monthly assessments, we have a stronger indication that we’re dealing with something physical or something that could soon become physical. A case in point: a young girl in a wheelchair was brought to a practitioner, who was not told what was happening with her. The parents wanted to see if the practitioner could pick up what was wrong without any evidence beyond the wheelchair. Normally a practitioner would work with someone based on an intake form, which would spell out the client’s symptoms, medical diagnoses, and health goals. So the practitioner explained that the system couldn’t make a diagnosis, but he could tell them what was happening on the level of the body-field.

He scanned the girl, reviewed the results, and told the parents that it appeared there was a problem in the body-field related to calcium metabolism. As it turns out, the girl had osteoporosis, and the family had spent thousands of dollars at the Mayo Clinic to effectively learn the same thing: that there was a problem with calcium metabolism. The practitioner was right to say that he couldn’t make a diagnosis, but he could observe a pattern within the field that related directly to what had been medically diagnosed elsewhere.

Of course the similarity ends there. Based on this scan, a bioenergetic practitioner would provide remedies to correct the body-field and support its ability to recognize and use calcium. This approach would be about turning the story around for a client. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, would take a different approach. If bones are unable to continue building themselves with calcium, then they’re getting weaker as they get rid of old cells. To address this, doctors would recommend a drug to prevent the bones from losing these old cells. (That, after all, is the symptom.) This drug would keep the bones from getting weaker, right? Just one problem: when bones get rid of cells, they do so because the cells are dead. So the medical approach is to keep those dead cells in the body, and in layman’s terms, we call that “rotting.”

This is an example of how medical testing is such a partial approach. Yes, at times it provides important insights. Even critical insights. But often, it takes test after test after test before anything is discovered; even then, it gives just one detail in a much larger story. Focus on “fixing” that one detail and you alter the rest of the story without meaning to. For instance, if all you care about is bone density and not bone quality, then keeping dead cells in a bone might make sense. But if you care that the bone is rotting, then you might need another approach.

This partial view of things is why the symptomatic approach of drugs usually leads to more problems than you started with. On top of this, even if you ran every possible medical test and put them all together to produce the most complete understanding of a situation … those tests simply don’t take the underlying control system into account. These tests are never about the physics of the body that actually causes the errors they’re seeing. And so … medical testing is always partial testing at best.

Repeatability of Bioenergetic Assessments

This idea of observing patterns in a body-field scan brings up an important topic that a lot of people ask about, and that’s repeatability. If you scan yourself twice in five minutes, will the readings look the same or nearly the same? The answer is both yes and no, and I’ll explain why.

People often want the kind of repeatability they perceive medical tests to offer. But let’s first be clear: even medical tests have a range of variability, can produce false negatives or positives, can vary by time of day or what you’ve eaten, and often need to be looked at in the context of other tests or symptoms to understand their (still partial) meaning. They are not absolutes.

That said, they offer a different kind of repeatability than our assessment, and for good reason. When you’re dealing with fields, you are dealing with all possibilities of every state of every energy particle until the point of measurement. In other words, nothing’s set in stone until you actually take a measurement. This principle is well known in physics. At that point, the “wave potentials” (all those possibilities) collapse into precise energy states. If you go to measure the field again, what are the chances that trillions of potentials will all collapse in the same way? Next to zero.

With medical tests, however, you are measuring chemistry – you’re measuring wave potentials (possibilities) that have already been collapsed into a fairly stable form of energy relationships. After all, measure a golf ball twice and you get the same size for it both times, right?

This doesn’t make the body-field measurement inaccurate. Just different. For instance, if you were to measure everything possible about smoke rising off a campfire – from its makeup to its temperature to its shape and so on – if you could measure everything with absolute precision, then you could determine from that smoke all sorts of things about the campfire itself: the position of the logs and how hot the fire was burning and what was being burned and how the wind was blowing, etc. The smoke would give you accurate information as long as you measured things correctly and with extreme precision.


However, take another measurement of that smoke three seconds later and it will look very different because the wind is still blowing and the fire is still burning and there are subtle changes every instant that are altering how the smoke looks, what it’s composed of, etc. And so, the measurement would be different, but it would be just as accurate as the first test, because you are measuring a dynamic system rather than a static one.

What’s even more interesting is the role that the mind plays in results. This is a deep topic we won’t explore in detail here. But as scientists know, their expectations can literally influence test results, which is why they do their best to minimize this influence in their research. In our own lives, though, our mind shapes everything about our experience, including the health of our bodies, and it does so through the body-field. We invite clients to get into a calm and positive state of mind before they do an assessment with us for exactly this reason. We invite them to focus on the support and outcome they’re looking for. The bulk of the mind’s power is in the subconscious, which (by definition) we can’t consciously control. So its substantial influence on the body-field will be accurately read either way. But the conscious mind has a subtle influence as well, and we think it best to focus it in the right direction not only to have a small but meaningful impact on the scan, but also to set a client’s intention in the direction of healing.

Now that you understand the difference between testing fields (where all possibilities exist) and chemistry (where possibilities have already become something stable), you know why one is more obviously repeatable than the other. If any assessment is truly testing the master control system of the human body, which is a dynamic system, it will always see variations taking place. But this is where we get back to patterns. For instance, we test many different aspects of the body-field that relate to a particular organ through these information patterns we’ve talked about. Very often, if someone has a known challenge with that organ, the scan will show some of these test items in one scan, and perhaps some others in another scan. The results aren’t presented in the same way, but they’re all pointing in the same direction.

This is repeatability – it’s just a different kind than we’re used to. It recognizes how many different things can underlie the health problems we see on the surface.

Exceptions to Patterns

Since each scan shows the greatest needs of the body-field in that moment, there are times when acute matters will override frequent patterns. For instance, a reading for “Sugar Regulation” might show up for someone who doesn’t have any known blood sugar issues. We know the system doesn’t make a diagnosis, and the reading doesn’t always refer to a known physical problem since it’s looking only at the body-field. In this case, a coach might simply ask a client about his or her day and discover that they’d eaten something sugary an hour before. This type of thing does happen, and it can affect a single scan result without becoming a regular pattern.

Layers of an OnionAs another example, something chronic in the body-field may not show up for several scans – so it may not be part of a common pattern for that person – because other issues need to be cleared up first. After the other issues have been supported, this deeper issue becomes ready for resolution and starts showing up in scan results. We speak of correcting health as a process of peeling an onion, getting to deeper levels with every visit. These are things our coaches are trained to understand.

Alternately, patterns that don’t appear to us related to a known problem may actually be the root of the problem. In this case, clearing these unexpected patterns helps to resolve the known problem. This is exactly why we try to correct root causes rather than symptoms only.

What Do We Test For?

For me, the holistic nature of our assessment is what makes it so empowering. For starters, we don’t just look at someone as an individual, but also as part of a greater whole. A person’s environment has tremendous impact on their health and well-being. This interaction of someone with their environment isn’t just about the quality of the air they breathe or the food they eat, and it’s not just about the energy exchange I described earlier. The earth produces its own massive fields that interact with our fields. Because these are so much grander than one person’s field, we have to make sure we’re in alignment with them or they can throw off everything else in the body. That’s why we test for this alignment. We also test the body-field’s polarity, as it’s meant to keep a slightly negative charge (something we can help maintain with grounding).

We then test for the strength of the overall body-field. Its power is needed as the fuel to send information through the body. And of course we check whether the information is flowing properly. There are two types of information flow that we check: everyday maintenance operations (everything needed to run the body), related to the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); and healing or correction operations, related to something called the divergent meridians of TCM. Again, these are not the same concepts as those shown in TCM, but our research was inspired and somewhat guided by these ancient ideas.

We also test for a variety of nutritional and environmental items, assessing the relation of nutrients and metabolism and heavy metals and agricultural sprays and much more to the body-field. As with our tests related to organs and cells, these are not making a physical assessment. A test result indicating mercury, for example, does not and cannot tell us about specific mercury exposure, but about the aspect of the field that matches to mercury. We see that it needs support. This may or may not be because of mercury exposure, either past or present. But like with the rest of our testing, it’s surprising how often people connect what the scan is saying to something that’s going on in their lives.

Emotions and the Body-Field

A major component was added to our software in 2009, as Peter had done a great deal of research into the bioenergetics of emotions. Through the embryonic germ layers that the body develops from, specific parts of the brain are connected to specific parts of the body. Emotional shock and trauma, if not fully processed, leave an energetic signature, or an oscillating sphere of energy, in an area of the brain. This alters the correct flow of both energy and information in the body-field. If not addressed, this can lead to long-term problems. This is especially true if many of these spheres build up through the years and/or they’re coupled with toxins and pathogens that also alter the flow of energy and information.

In fact, there’s a great deal of research into the health and longevity impact of “adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs, which are traumatic events in childhood.[1] This isn’t to say that those in our later years aren’t equally difficult, but as we age, we generally become better equipped to process an event, so the early years seem especially affected. We naturally encourage any relevant therapy to assist with the impact of shock and trauma, but we produced remedies alongside this screen to help release their energy remnants from the body and restore correct flow.

Results that Empower People

Based on scan results, a client is empowered with all sorts of information not only about what needs support in the body-field, but also how to support it. Our remedies and our bioelectric technology play a big role here, and I’ll talk about those next. But there are also plenty of practical steps to take in your personal life. For instance, the software offers specific action steps to take to help power the overall field, personalized to your own scan results. It might guide you to explore more about your diet or exercise; for instance, if the liver field is stressed, you might need to look at backing off things like drinking that cause it stress. Or if the pancreas field is stressed, you may look at ways to reduce your sugar intake and ease its burden in balancing blood sugar levels. If “Movement” shows up, it may encourage you to engage in more activity … or to back down if you find that you’re regularly going at a frantic pace.

The scan also provides insights into social / emotional matters, one’s personal development, and environmental factors, all of which you can take practical steps to address.

So now, with a fast, holistic, and objective assessment (eliminating practitioner bias), we had a way not only to guide someone on healthy habits, but also to determine which remedies the body-field was requesting to restore itself and restore the body to optimal health and energy. Which brings us to the remedies themselves. They’re not drugs. They’re not nutritional supplements or herbs or homeopathy. So what are they, and why are they so powerful? That’s an entire story unto itself, and it’s what we’ll cover next.

Since adding NES Health to my practice, I have continued to demonstrate time and time again the power of quantum wellness, the power of the scan, and that the scan is never wrong. It can truly offer insights into the body, both mind and physical well-being that the medical community cannot comprehend often, nor understand. It truly is a remarkable system.

– Dr. Susan Bostian, Integrative Health and Nutrition




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