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Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

Chapter 5: Understand the Body's Control System

What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space. … Quantum wave structures are real and material particles are not.”

Erwin Schrödinger, Quantum Physics Pioneer


I said before that there are two keys to having the energy to get the most out of life: 1) charge your body battery; and 2) make sure you use its energy efficiently. Getting efficient means that a little energy will do more for you (like a car with better MPGs). This efficiency is important when you need to get more done. For instance, you’re spending the day hiking; or helping someone move; or cramming for exams (the brain uses a lot of energy); and, importantly, for healing the body!

This efficiency also helps when you need to make your battery last longer between charges – like if you’re running on less sleep, or a heavy work load keeps you from exercising for a time, or you’re in an area receiving little sunshine throughout the winter. While it’s best to keep the body battery well charged most of the time, life throws things our way, and we need to be able to respond. If the body’s making the most of its energy reserves, it can more easily keep you going, as long as you don’t keep pushing it.

This takes us back to the idea of hormesis, doesn’t it? A little stress, like in the examples above, actually helps to strengthen our bodies and make them adaptable to more situations in life. But we can only handle this stress when we have enough energy and enough efficiency.

Since we’ve already talked about how to charge the body battery, now let’s talk about maximizing our use of that charge. This will take us into some unusual and fascinating topics. If we really dug into the science, the topics would get pretty complex too. That can be fun, and we’ve done that in other books and articles, but I’ll try to keep the discussion here easy to follow. And directly relevant. And, I hope, new and interesting for you.

What Controls the Controls?

As I said before, medicine and nutrition look at the body in terms of chemistry. Chemistry relies on the movement of energy – specifically, the exchange of electrons between atoms. And while chemistry does a great job of explaining what happens when electrons move between atoms (the bonds that are created and destroyed), it doesn’t explain why these exchanges happen in the first place. It doesn’t describe or do anything about the underlying control system.

Now to be fair, standard biology already recognizes a lot of “control systems” in the body: the nervous system, for instance. Or the endocrine (hormone) system. Even information from our DNA that tells the body what proteins to build to get things done.

But no one’s asking, what controls these control systems? What determines if they function correctly? In short, what’s really behind whether we’re healthy and vibrant or sick and exhausted?

All those systems are based in chemistry. And you have to look to a physics-based control system – the master control system – to get to the root of these problems. If you make sure that control system is functioning correctly, then the rest will follow. This is the heart of the matter. It’s why we don’t look at mere symptoms in bioenergetics. We look at root causes and provide support that lets the body truly heal.

This is why Peter Fraser and I founded our company on the idea of assessing and correcting the master control system, which we have typically called the human body-field, or just “body-field.” (And yes, animals have body-fields too, and they benefit from having their control systems improved as well.)

Information in Fields

This gets us back to something I mentioned in chapter one: that the movement of energy relies on “information.” While that might sound weird, in physics, information is a real thing that exists everywhere in what we normally might think of as empty space, or what scientists would call the “field” of space. That’s probably hard to picture, but let me give you an analogy. Imagine you’re building a house. You have a bunch of wood, tiles, shingles, bricks, nails, screws, tools, and so on. You have all the physical things needed to build the house. But you have no clue how to build a house.

If someone next to you knows how to build a house and he explains it step by step, he is doing nothing but providing information from his mouth to your ears through the air. While the information might not seem like a physical thing, the results are the difference between you being able to build a house and not being able to. It has an obvious, real-world impact.

Because the “field” of space is filled with information, the entire universe has an underlying control system that determines how energy moves and combines and creates the physical world we see. So do all the parts of the universe, including people. Galaxies and stars and planets and people are not the accidental collision of energy that just happens to create beauty and intelligence. There is an underlying pattern to it all, a blueprint that shows how it all must come together. If that control system is broken, so is everything else. If it’s working, then energy flows correctly and everything works the way it should. Including your body.

While you usually don’t hear this sort of idea from your average news sources, all the science points to it. It’s why Einstein himself said, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” He was telling us that what seems invisible, what seems like it is nothing, actually controls the particles of energy that create everything. This is true within the universal field and with all the individual planetary fields, human fields, cellular fields … you name it. Hidden control systems everywhere.


2nd Principle of Bioenergetics:

Fields Govern Energy 


This is why the second principle of bioenergetics tells us that “Fields Govern Energy.” The first principle told us that Life Exchanges Energy, which is what our last chapter was about. Through this exchange, you can keep your body’s battery charged. But to address how that energy is used, you need to remember that Fields Govern Energy – so we need a way to make sure that they govern it well. We do this by assessing and correcting the human body-field. (We’ll cover assessment and correction in the next two chapters.)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has worked with the flow of energy in the body for thousands of years. Practitioners have done this through lines of energy flow called “meridians.” These are what an acupuncturist tries to correct with needles. Peter’s research into the human body-field showed us, though, that these meridians are about more than just the movement or flow of energy; they have to do with control of that flow. They are part of the actual control system. I’ll say more about this shortly.

How Fields Affect Us

Meanwhile, in the last hundred years or so, we’ve had many people exploring how “fields” interact with humans. For instance, magnets generate magnetic fields, and we know that these have a profound effect on people, even though these fields are invisible and aren’t chemical in nature. As just one example, a five-year study at the University of Virginia showed that magnets applied immediately after tissue trauma could reduce swelling and speed the healing process.[1]

We also know that electromagnetic fields alter the body. It’s why we have to avoid microwave and x-ray radiation, and why there’s so much public concern over the use of cell phones, WiFi, and cellular signals, for example. (If you see the rising public outcry against 5G wireless technology and wonder why this is a bigger deal than 3G and 4G that have been around for years, it partly has to do with the frequencies; 5G moves further from relatively benign radio waves into the frequencies of microwaves.)


Even medicine uses fields to affect the body in some of its testing. An MRI uses powerful magnetic fields to align the protons in the hydrogen atoms of the body’s water. It then introduces radio frequency energy to charge certain low-energy protons. When that energy source is stopped and those protons fall back to their original energy state, they release what is read as a radio signal by the MRI. And that can be turned into an image.

The term MRI stands for “magnetic resonance imaging.” The term “resonance” is critical to our discussion here. In order to raise the energy of those low-energy protons, the machine has to provide exactly the right frequency in order to “match” or “speak with” the frequency of the proton. When it matches, this “resonance” is what allows it to raise the proton to a new energy level. If it sends in the wrong frequency, the protons won’t react. Resonance is what allows this biological change to take place.


MRIs provide very specific frequencies that “resonate” with the protons in the body to raise their energy levels. In other words, “resonance” is needed to make a biological change take place.


This is similar to what happens with tuning forks. If you have two tuning forks both tuned to the note of A and you strike one and hold it close to the other, the vibrations of the first are in resonance with the second tuning fork and make it start to vibrate as well. The second fork will then begin to hum at the note of A. But if the second one is tuned to the note of B, it will not be in resonance and it will not respond to the vibrations of the first fork. This concept is important, and we’ll come back to it later.

Alternative Research into Fields

Back to the last 100+ years of research – we’ve seen a lot done outside of conventional medicine into the fields and frequencies of the body and how we can read or alter them to improve health. This leads us into addressing the actual control system. Royal Raymond Rife, for instance, was said to have found a way to destroy pathogens by identifying and reproducing their resonant frequencies, effectively exploding them the way the right pitch can shatter a wine glass. (There’s that idea of resonance again.) He was hailed by doctors at the time as having found the cure to all disease before his discoveries were later destroyed and/or stolen by authorities. While we can argue about what Rife truly achieved, this tale of humanitarian discovery and authoritarian suppression is all too common in the world of health and beyond.

In any case, as electrical devices were developed in the last century, other researchers started testing electrical signals on the skin for health assessment purposes. While some of these approaches are questionable, much of this work was relatively repeatable, demonstrable, and based on thousands of years of study by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners into the meridian system. By testing specific acupuncture points, one could see (by the impact on an indicator needle) if energy was flowing well along a meridian or not. If a specific point was struggling, the equipment could introduce a possible remedy into the circuit and see if this would balance that point. The indicator needle would show an obvious change when the correct remedy was tested. There are many limitations to this approach, but it’s been used effectively for decades.

While this appears to be electrical research rather than “field” research, I’ll explain in a moment why it was something more. This brings us to the work that Peter Fraser had been doing for years before I met him, and what he introduced me to when we met in California.


Peter Fraser’s Matching Tests

As an expert in traditional Chinese medicine and its meridian system, Peter had been working with the type of electrical equipment described above. But he eventually modified it and started down a different path of discovery. Rather than just testing acupuncture points against remedies and seeing if there was a “match” for support, Peter found a way to test any two items against one another to see if they matched.

Here’s a simple explanation of that idea. When I told you about MRIs and tuning forks, I explained that if the frequency of one thing matches the frequency of another, then their resonance will affect one another. As we like to put it, they are communicating with one another.

In fact, all energy has its own frequency. You could think of this as everything having its own unique signature that is carried through the field of space. The reason an MRI can affect all the protons in the body is because every proton shares the same signature. They’re all speaking the same language, and the MRI speaks that language too. All neutrons also share another signature, and so do all electrons. I mention these because they’re the basic building blocks of every atom; atoms then build molecules; and molecules build our bodies.

When you start combining different numbers of protons and neutrons and electrons into atoms, suddenly these signatures are combined and become new signatures. This means that every atom has its own unique signature … but it’s based on those few simple signatures of the energy it’s made of. As a result, every hydrogen atom “speaks,” or exchanges information, with every other hydrogen atom because they all share a signature. But since an oxygen atom has its own signature, we don’t know for sure if it will communicate or resonate with the hydrogen atom. They share a similar foundation (signatures of protons, neutrons, and electrons), so they might have strong communication. But we don’t know until we test it.

And that is the kind of testing Peter did. By looking for matches in his equipment between different parts of the body, he was able to see what parts of the body communicated most easily with one another. He was able to find the most efficient ways for energy and information to flow in the body. For instance, while cells of the retina in the eye may look very different to us than cells of the liver, there are resonant frequencies in their unique “energy signatures” that allow them to communicate. This communication is based on them sending out information about themselves through space and resonating, or affecting one another.


3rd Principle of Bioenergetics:

Fields Communicate Information


This resonance underlies the third principle of bioenergetics: “Fields Communicate Information.” By sending information through fields, parts of the body can communicate with one another instantly – without the relatively slow processing speeds of chemistry. That is why the body works so well as a single unit, rather than as trillions of separate cells trying to get things done by sending each other telegraph messages through the nervous system. (In other words, chemistry simply wouldn’t be fast enough to tie everything together.) As Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi once said, “Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow-moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses.” Those are secondary systems (that also have bioenergetic roles not recognized by medicine). They play their own role and may help when the faster resonance-based control system breaks down. But they can’t support a body whose trillions of cells need to continually know what all the other cells are doing and be able to act immediately and in unison to the world around us.

By testing in this way, here’s some of what Peter found:

  • The meridians of traditional Chinese medicine show connections between many parts of the body. He was able to confirm most of these connections, but he also made corrections and additions to them based on his testing.
  • The meridians are not just about the flow of energy. They are about this resonant form of communication between different parts of the body. They are part of the master control system that directs the flow of energy in the body.
  • There is more to this control system than just the meridian system of communication. The control system also impacts how well charged the body is, including how it interacts with its overall environment (so it plays a big role in charging the body battery); how the body corrects or heals itself; and how it clears distortions caused by toxins, pathogens, and emotional stress and traumas.

When you see how holistic the control system is, you can appreciate why I said that the acupuncture point testing done by some bioenergetic practitioners has limitations. In fact, severe limitations. By only looking at communication or energy flow along the meridians, you’re missing out on several critical elements involved in energizing, getting healthy, and staying healthy. That’s why the system we developed looks at all these things, assessing what needs support and then providing that support.

Yes, you can exercise and eat well and get plenty of sleep and do other things to support your health; all of these are important to charging the body battery and giving you the physical building blocks of life. But if there are problems in this master control system, all of that will fall short, and your body simply won’t be able to heal itself and make the best use of its energy. That’s why we look at both sides of the story: 1) charging the battery, and 2) making efficient use of that energy – in other words, making sure the master control system is working.

Fields and Cellular Communication

As another way of making this real for you, let me give an example of how fields interact with the body. Renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton explains that the cell membrane is the brain of the cell. It is actually the membrane that drives the activity of the cell and instructs the DNA on how to express itself. And the membrane makes its decisions based on its environment. It is lined with different proteins that act as antennas to detect the environment. Each protein is tuned to receive different signals based on its three-dimensional shape and charge distribution. When a protein receives a signal, it changes its shape, which then cascades into other cellular activity. Or as Lipton says, “The movement of proteins drives life.”[2]

While conventional science suggests that these signals can only come from other molecules (in other words, only from chemistry), Lipton says, “This materialistic belief is maintained even though it has been amply demonstrated that protein receptors respond to vibrational frequencies. Through a process known as electroconformational coupling (Tsong, T. Y., Deciphering the language of cells, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 1989, 14(3):89–92), resonant vibrational energy fields can alter the balance of charges in a protein. In a harmonic energy field, receptors will change their conformation. Consequently, membrane receptors respond to both physical and energetic environmental information.”[3] Which means the resonant communication between fields that we’ve been discussing has a way of speaking to the cell membranes themselves, which in turn instruct the activity of the entire cell, right down to the DNA.

What’s even more interesting is that the reaction of these proteins to fields may take us back to the story of water. These proteins would be surrounded by the structured water that builds up inside and outside cell membranes throughout the body. And in a 2016 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, three professors specializing in physics and biochemistry at Ohio State University wrote: “The final shape of a protein depends on two things: water and the amino acids themselves. … On ultrafast timescales, the protein surface fluctuations are controlled by water fluctuations. Water molecules work like a big network to drive the movement of proteins.”[4]


Similarly, German researchers from the Biophysics Division at the Institute of Radiochemistry in Dresden, Germany, discovered that the structure of water impacts the shape of DNA.[5] In short, water may be the key to receiving information into and within the body, which in turn influences the entire body with the information received. While Lipton shows that protein receptors on cell membranes respond to frequencies, perhaps this is because the receptors themselves are surrounded by structured water. In any case, the presence of this water throughout the cell and surrounding it definitely provides the means for communication inside and between cells.


For now, we can say that while our bodies are made of energy (arranged into matter), they are also run by an underlying control system that communicates information instantly through resonance. When this control system works the way it’s meant to, our energy moves well and our bodies work properly. In other words, it’s the foundation to good health. When the control system fails, our health and energy fail as well, which is why it’s critical to provide it the necessary support.


What can cause the breakdown of this system? Anything that alters the resonance in the body-field that’s needed for communication. Toxins from the environment or from the food we eat can alter the body-field. So can pathogens, like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. And so can emotional stress, shock, or trauma. Their lasting vibrations or distortions of the field need to be resolved to restore efficiency in the system, just as we may need to eliminate pathogens or toxins present in the body.


That leads us to the big, big question: how do we find where the control system is breaking down? And how do we restore that system? After we met in California, Peter and I set out to answer this. While he had an early version of the remedies we use today – which is what started me on my healing journey – I helped him to rethink these from the ground up. And I developed an entirely new way of testing what aspects of the body-field needed support. We needed something that tested quickly, holistically, and reliably without falling under the influence of the person running the test. In this way, we could help health coaches and practitioners extend the promise of bioenergetics to their clients – a critical step in our mission to restore humanity’s energy for living full and happy lives.


I became a NES Health practitioner to take my wellbeing into my own hands after suffering from chronic pain for 9 years. Yet the more I learned about my own energetic body and experienced the benefits of the BWS, the more I felt an urge to share it with the world. It is truly a rewarding job that has allowed me to find my purpose in life.

– Maximilian Waid










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