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The NES Health Scanning Software

(Re)Assess the Human Body-Field in just seconds for a detailed analysis addressing the three critical factors for health — information, energy and physiology

How the NES Health Scanning Software Works

The NES Health Scanning Software
  1. Simply scan your client's Body-Field in seconds by placing their hand on the scanner
  2. The Software identifies the blockages and distortions in the flow of energy and information
  3. The software returns a recommended protocol to stimulate the body's innate self-healing ability

The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System


Our analysis software allows you to see beyond your client's symptoms to clearly distinguish the distortions in information, any present energy blockages, and recommended nutrition for restoring the Body-Field.

Backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and over a decade of clinical studies and practitioner use, the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System delivers immediate, detailed and accurate analysis. Best of all, the software's robust analysis is exceedingly easy to both perform and understand.

By simply connecting your miHealth or the special Body-Field scanner, with a single click and a few seconds, the software will return a richly detailed overview including multiple screens and physiologically accurate graphics.

You also have the ability to remote-scan clients without them needing to come for an in-office visit.

The scan is non-invasive and painless. There’s no risk to your client in being scanned. You simply ask your client to place their fingers on the scanner. Within seconds, the scanner has canned your client’s entire Body-Field detecting and interpreting any changes or distortions.

Results in Just Seconds!

Using the NES Health Scanning SoftwareThe scan is instantly uploaded and analyzed by our proprietary and comprehensive decision-aiding software developed exclusively for the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System.

In moments, the strength and flow of the Body-Field is revealed on your computer screen.

Now for the first time, you can see beyond your client’s complaints into their complete Body-Field detecting any distortions that’s scrambling the energy and information controlling their biochemistry.

Finally, as a health professional you’re able to see right to the source of your client’s issues and discomfort. No other test can do that and do it so quickly.

Using the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System Scanning Software, you will be able to review up to 150 systems and sub-systems of the Body-Field, as well as:

  • Energy Analysis: identify energy blockages in the body’s musculoskeletal system and energy channels, as well as analyze the strength of the energy produced by various systems and organs.
  • Informational Analysis: Identify information distortions in your body’s master control system: the human body-field.
  • Nutritional Analysis: highlight challenges in absorption and metabolic processes and identify sensitivities, malabsorption, and intolerance to certain foods.
  • Environmental Analysis: detect functional damage to the body-field via specific environmental factors, toxins and EMFs and the body’s resultant ability to handle their impact when present.
  • Emotional and Mental Analysis: identify core emotions, beliefs, and even challenges in an individual’s overall ability to create and actualize in life, those are most prominent or potentially problematic. Also identify past shock and trauma that may still be presenting as conflicts or which are stored in the Body-Field as tissue, cellular or energetic memory.

What does this mean for you and your practice?

What this means for you and your practice is that the software´s comprehensive analysis will give you a visceral snapshot of the urgent distortions and blockages your client is currently suffering within their Body-Field. These distortions directly correlate to the physical body and our practitioners find that the scan can often help to detect and correct distortions and blockages before they manifest challenges in the physical body.

Along with the entire NES Health System, it can be successfully used to correct physiological conditions that have already manifested in the body.

Researching the Efficacy of NES Health

In a recent large-scale comparative study carried out by the Centre for Biofield Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Thornton Streeter, 96.5% of the 240 participants in the control group experienced a positive change (compared to 35% in the placebo group).

The study also demonstrated the efficacy of the NES Health System and its analytics, demonstrating that it was comparable to the combined abilities of 3 energy measurement devices: PIP (polycontrast interference photography), GDV (gas discharge visualisation) and EIS (electro-interstitial scan).

You can learn more about the research and access the research report here.


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