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Elevate your Life and Practice

Are you a dedicated practitioner or health coach looking to elevate your practice and prioritize your own well-being?

NES Health is proud to introduce the Bioenergetic Wellness Experience, a transformative 2-month journey designed to help you revolutionize your practice, grow your business, and achieve breakthrough results for your clients.







Insights from Leading Experts

Learn from industry experts and wellness pioneers like NES Founder Harry Massey,  NES Director of Education Steve McCardell, and more.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Human Body Field and its impact on health as well as valuable firsthand experience with NES Health's technology over a two-month period along with our 3 day fully immersive LIVE event.

Full Access to the Bioenergetix WellNES System
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Experience your own Bioenergetic Scan with an experienced Bioenergetic Practitioner and see for yourself how powerful our proprietary Infoceuticals really are while you empower yourself to enhance outcomes for your patients and your practice.

What you'll learn:

  • Unlock the secrets of the human body's energy field and discover how it influences health and well-being.
  • Clinical Success with Bioenergetics: Master the art of achieving the best results for your clients through innovative bioenergetic techniques.
  • Discover how to effectively increase your clients' energy levels and enhance their vitality.
  • Resolve Trauma Energetically: Learn powerful methods to help your clients release emotional baggage and find inner peace.
  • Learn to Achieve Fast Pain & Injury Relief with the miHealth Device.
  • Immerse Yourself in Gratitude, Intention, Surrender, Trust: Embrace these four principles to master your energy and achieve personal and professional success through The GIST Process.
  • Discover the Power of Energetically Enhanced Meditations.
  • Explore the secrets to accelerating your practice's profits and reaching new levels of success.
  • Achieve the Mindset for Success: Program your mind for success and abundance with proven energetic techniques.
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 Get full access for 60 days to the NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness System to learn and apply on your own clients

 (2) 1-on-1 coaching calls,

 10 bottles of NES Infoceuticals (2 months worth)

 Access online training & join our immersive 3- day training offered multiple times per year in
different USA locations.

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October 20 - 22nd 2023
Tentative Agenda

Day 2
Day 3

Everything that we're providing in this experience normally retails at more than $2750, but we are so confident that bioenergetics is the future of healthcare and will transform your practice that we are providing it to you in one powerful experience for only $997.

(That's a savings of $1,753!)

Until 9/1/2023 use code EARLYBIRD for $200 off of your purchase price

Unfortunately, spaces are extremely limited - reserve your seat now and get ready to embark on your journey towards greater wellness, happier clients, more freedom, and access to the transformative solutions offered by NES Health.

Don't miss being apart of the next wave of healthcare! 

At this time the experience is for active practitioners or those who have credentials as health professionals


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Hilton Doubletree in Park City, Utah


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