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Why Join NES Health?

The NES Health System is designed to help you to restore health and energy for your clients. However we’ve also taken special care to design our system of care to support you in your practice.

Join the Recognized Leaders of Next-Level Healthcare

We at NES have been global pioneers of mapping the Human Body-Field, with an extensive research and development team, unique cutting-edge and proprietary technologies, and unparalleled products.

Enjoy Freedom & Flexibility Supported By a Complete System of Care

No other company in the world offers integrated and detailed energy analysis paired with individual client recommendations.

With NES, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose any of our offerings by itself, or you can incorporate our complete and integrated system of care into your practice. That means you can perform quick and detailed analysis with our software, which will also return a recommended protocol for our Infoceutical remedies including drop-ship service.

Go Global. Maintain That Personal Touch

Particularly for specialists who handle clients from all over the world, we have created an option that allows you to scan and analyze your client, deliver an immediate, individual protocol and also deliver our Infoceutical via drop-ship option directly to your clients´ door for follow-up at home.

This empowers your clients to take ownership of their healing journey, even if they are to sick to leave the house.

Receive Support, Marketing Materials & Training

Once you’ve applied and been accepted to be a practitioner with NES, we will provide you extensive training in all our products via our online training site, and also with regional live training events.

You will also have access to our printed and digital marketing materials. We will also maintain connection with you through our NES practitioner only Facebook group as well as our customer service helpdesk, where you can always reach us. You will also be authorized to use our official NES branding and benefit from our corporate PR and media.

Get New Clients in Our Practitioner Locator

Because our system includes cutting-edge technologies and our own theories of biophysics, as well as extensive research conducted by our team, we receive a lot of visitors to our website who are consumers seeking this kind of healing path.

When you join us as a NES practitioner, you have the option to be listed in our Practitioner Locator so that these consumers can easily find you, your area of practice, and your contact information. There is no cost associated with this, and is simply a free option to you as a NES practitioner.

We would love to talk to you about the benefits of joining NES Health and our BioEnergetiX WellNES System. Why not arrange a 1 to 1 consultation with us?