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What NES Scans For in Your Body




The holistic nature of our bioenergetic assessment is what makes it so empowering. 

For starters, it doesn’t just look at someone as an individual, but also as part of a greater whole. 

A person’s environment has a tremendous impact on their health and well-being. This interaction of someone with their environment isn’t just about the quality of the air they breathe or the food they eat, and it’s not just about energy exchange. 

The earth produces its own massive fields that interact with our fields. Because these are so much more grand than one person’s field, we have to make sure we’re in alignment with them or they can throw off everything else in the body. That’s why we test for this alignment. 

We also test the body-field’s polarity, as it’s meant to keep a slightly negative charge (something we can help maintain with grounding). We then test for the strength of the overall body-field. Its power is needed as the fuel to send information through the body. And of course we check whether the information is flowing properly. 

There are two types of information flow that we check: everyday maintenance operations (everything needed to run the body), related to the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); and healing or correction operations, related to something called the divergent meridians of TCM. 

These are not the same concepts as those shown in TCM, but our research was inspired and somewhat guided by these ancient ideas. 

The Scan Goes Beyond Energy Fields

We also test for a variety of nutritional and environmental items, assessing the relation of nutrients and metabolism and heavy metals and agricultural sprays and much more to the body-field. 


As with our tests related to organs and cells, these are not making a physical assessment. A test result indicating mercury, for example, does not and cannot tell us about specific mercury exposure, but about the aspect of the field that matches to mercury. 

We see that it needs support. This may or may not be because of mercury exposure, either past or present. But like with the rest of our testing, it’s surprising how often people connect what the scan is saying to something that’s going on in their lives. 

Emotions and Their Effect on the Body-Field 

A major component was added to our software in 2009, as Peter had done a great deal of research into the bioenergetics of emotions. 


Through the embryonic germ layers that the body develops from, specific parts of the brain are connected to specific parts of the body. 

Emotional shock and trauma, if not fully processed, leave an energetic signature, or an oscillating sphere of energy, in an area of the brain. This alters the correct flow of both energy and information in the body-field. If not addressed, this can lead to long-term problems. 

This is especially true if many of these spheres build up through the years and/or they’re coupled with toxins and pathogens that also alter the flow of energy and information. 

In fact, there’s a great deal of research into the health and longevity impact of “adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs, which are traumatic events in childhood.

This isn’t to say that those in our later years aren’t equally difficult, but as we age, we generally become better equipped to process an event, so the early years seem especially affected. 

We naturally encourage any relevant therapy to assist with the impact of shock and trauma, but we produced remedies alongside this screen to help release their energy remnants from the body and restore correct flow. 

Results that Empower You 

Based on scan results, a client is empowered with all sorts of information not only about what needs support in the body-field, but also how to support it. 

Our remedies and our bioelectric technology play a big role here, and I’ll talk about those next. But there are also plenty of practical steps to take in your personal life. 

For instance, the software offers specific action steps to take to help power the overall field, personalized to your own scan results. 


It might guide you to explore more about your diet or exercise; for instance, if the liver field is stressed, you might need to look at backing off things like drinking that cause it stress. 

Or if the pancreas field is stressed, you may look at ways to reduce your sugar intake and ease its burden in balancing blood sugar levels. 

If “Movement” shows up, it may encourage you to engage in more activity … or to back off if you find that you’re regularly going at a frantic pace. 

The scan also provides insights into social / emotional matters, one’s personal development, and environmental factors, all of which you can take practical steps to address. 


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