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Understanding the Science Behind a NES Scan:
How The Scan Works to Improve Health Outcomes

The NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System is an advanced software program that helps you understand your body-field and how it relates to your overall well-being.

It uses a quick and non-invasive scan to assess the state of your body-field at a specific moment. To perform the scan, you simply place your hand on a scanning device that looks like a computer mouse or count to ten into your devise and forego the use of the scanner.

But how does the NES software work?

The scan uses a quantum electrodynamic (QED) matching test to detect the waveforms and interference patterns in your body-field.

This process incorporates theories from Wolff and Marcer, enhancing the scanning process.

The computer or smartphone running the NES software generates its own QED field, which becomes entangled with your body-field. Through a proprietary process, the software compares your body-field with the blueprint of body-field structures encoded in the software.

The entanglement of these two QED fields allows for the flow of information, and the matching of structures in space reveals this information. This is known as space resonance matching, based on Milo Wolff's space resonance theory.

The NES System interacts with your body-field, asking questions and gathering information about changes in space as responses from your body-field.

Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on establishing baseline measures, the NES System evaluates the quality of the response it receives from your body-field.

It prioritizes the responses and presents them in a graphical format for practitioners to assess.

It's important to note that NES scans are not like traditional biofeedback systems that detect changes in skin or brain electrical characteristics. The interaction between the computer/smartphone and your body-field during a NES scan is a quantum process that happens almost instantly.

Each person's biochemistry is unique, but our body-fields share the same underlying structure.

The NES System focuses on the larger energetic and informational structures, such as Energetic Drivers and Integrators, which are essential for proper bodily functions.

By correcting distorted structures, we positively impact all processes within them, ultimately analyzing the functional integrity of your body-field.

During a NES scan, the system correlates, sorts, and prioritizes the matches made, presenting them in easy-to-understand graphical reports. By evaluating the quality of the matches between your actual body-field and the information in the NES software, we can detect distortions and provide you with the knowledge to correct them, restoring your energy for life.

At NES Health, we offer a groundbreaking approach to healthcare, backed by 21st-century science, technology, and quantum physics. Our personalized, holistic therapy solutions restore optimal health and well-being throughout the body, mind, and spirit in the most natural way possible.


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