How Your Body-Field is Assessed

How a NES Scan Analyzes Your Body-Field

The NES System is a computer program that provides a way to peek into the bioenergetic and informational recesses of your body-field to see what is going on.

It’s a snapshot that allows you to accurately assess the correlations between your body-field and your physical and emotional states at a particular moment in time.

The scan itself is quick, easy, and non-invasive.

You simply place your hand on the scanning device, which looks like a large computer mouse, and the software in the computer reads your body-field.

We’ve also recently released a completely touchless version of the NES scan that uses voice technology.

How Does the NES Software Read Your Body-Field?

The scan is a QED (quantum electrodynamic) matching test that we are able to reliably detect – the waveforms of the body-field and the interference patterns that impart information.

Both Wolff’s space resonance theory and Marcer’s ideas about phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance relate to the NES scanning process.

Basically, the computer, or phone, on which the NES analysis software is loaded sets up its own QED field (you must have an electrostatic field to create the QED field).

Your body-field and the QED field from the computer or phone become entangled, and through a proprietary process, the scanning software is able to assess where matches are made between your body-field and the template of the body-field structures (based on decades of research) that is encoded into the software.

While the entanglement of the two QED fields allows the information to flow and thus be detected, the matching is of the structures in space whose qualities impart that information.

Those qualities are themselves based on changes in the permittivity of space, according to Wolff’s space resonance theory of physics.

The NES System is, in effect, asking questions of your body-field and sensing information about the changes in space that are interpreted as responses from your body-field.

How NES Scans Differ from Allopathic Medicine

Unlike allopathic medicine, where tests seek to determine baseline measures, such as your liver enzyme level, and then determine if there is a problem if your live enzymes fall outside of what are considered normal parameters, the NES system is sensing the quality of response it gets back.

It senses how strong or weak the match is and then prioritizes the responses it gets and returns them graphically for the practitioner to assess.

The NES system is not a biofeedback type of system, which, depending on the type of system, detects changes in the electrical characteristics of the skin or brain.

The interaction that takes place during a NES scan between the computer (or phone) and your body-field is a quantum process, and it happens almost instantly.

Although each person has a somewhat unique biochemistry, our body-fields are all structurally the same. The Energetic Drivers, Integrators, and the like are really structures in space, and those structures are crucial to the proper functioning of everything that goes on within them.

So it is not necessary, as it is in allopathic medicine, to get a reading of every item within a system, such as blood gases, cholesterol level, potassium level, and the like.

Instead, we can look at the state of the larger energetic and informational structures themselves. By correcting distorted structures, everything with the structures is affected. So you could say that the NES scan is analyzing the functional integrity of your body-field.

By “functional integrity”, we mean that the objective of the scan is similar to identifying the weakest links in a chain, because your body-field is only as strong as its weakest aspects.

A NES scan identifies those weaknesses, and you can use the NES Infoceuticals to correct them, if you choose.

Ultimately, NES scans over time determine the body-fields correlations to the root causes of physical and emotional problems by working through the many layers of the holographic body-field to reveal the preferred sequence.

We do not address symptoms, which is what most allopathic diagnoses are based on. That’s why we say we do not diagnose treat, prevent, or cure disease. We are working at the holistic, systems level of your body-field and working with energy and information, not physical tissue or cellular processes directly.

The number of matches made in a single scan are correlated, sorted, and prioritized before being returned graphically in the analysis reports that show up on the computer screen.

By sensing the quality of the matches between your actual body-field and the information about the body-field and its structures mathematically encoded in the NES software, the computer can detect where and to what degree your body-field is distorted.

With this information, you are then able to know how to correct these distortions and help provide you with energy for life.

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