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The Future of Health 2021 and Beyond

It was day 117 of the pandemic. Many of her colleagues were in full panic mode wondering if they would be able to get PPP loans to pay their staff, but Dr. Lyon was having her best year ever, spending the summer at a beach house in San Diego where she and her family would stop each day mid-afternoon to make the walk to the beach and wind-down. 

The difference? 

She had seen the future of health, adapted before the pandemic, and was enjoying the life she always dreamed of.

But it isn’t just the pandemic that’s forever changing how health professionals will practice their craft.

A flood of changes are on the horizon that will forever change the future of health, and knowing what to expect - and how to adapt, could mean the difference between a thriving practice like Dr. Lyon’s, or struggling to make ends meet and worrying about how to pay the bills. 

That’s why I am excited to be attending the upcoming Health Business Growth Conference on March 18th.  It’s online, easy to attend, inexpensive, and is 100% focused on the Future of Health, and how you, as a health professional, can position yourself and your business for success in 2021 and beyond.

It’s being produced by my good friend, JJ Virgin, founder of Mindshare Collaborative - the largest community dedicated to the business of health for independent professionals like us.

I asked JJ if there was something special I could offer my to help you in this time of "crisis" and she came through. 

You can claim a HUGE benefit right now... but only for a limited time.

If you use the promo code FUTURE during checkout, you’ll not only save $100, but you’ll also be instantly upgraded to VIP / All-Access-Pass - a $600 upgrade, at no extra cost.

JJ’s events are legendary within the health space. Amazing keynotes, practical workshops with actionable information you can use today, and arguably the best networking opportunities to connect with like-minded health professionals.

Here’s the link. Click HERE to signup now for this exciting event. 

Places where you can get this kind of first-hand knowledge on how to scale your business are few and far between -- never mind getting an invaluable wealth of information from successful practitioners who were once in your shoes.

There’s zero risk to attend.  All of Mindshare’s events come with a money back guarantee, they are amazing.

If you want to position yourself for success in 2021 and beyond, and learn where health is going (especially for independent physicians, coaches, therapists, trainers and independent wellness professionals) - I would grab your ticket now. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

**Any questions about this event should be directed to Mindshare Collaborative


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