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Can You Use Bioenergetics to Cure [Name that Disease]?

When they’re first exploring what NES Health is all about, we often have practitioners asking us how they can help clients with specific diseases using our bioenergetic solutions.

Obviously a health professional using our system does see people with medical diseases and needs a way to provide them with support. The professional wants to know that NES can help. And yes, NES has a long history of helping people struggling with just about anything, often beyond what one dares to think is possible! But “support” is the underlying answer to this question of “cure.”

Let’s look at the ideas of diagnosis and disease, as well as how the body operates, root causes, and how NES works. Then you’ll understand why we make this distinction between support and cure.

A Look at Disease, Diagnosis, and Cures

Western medicine is based on a disease model. When someone is struggling with symptoms, the medical field gathers those symptoms into a box and gives them a collective name. This is called a disease, and anyone with that collection of symptoms is said to have that disease.

Diagnosing a disease may involve a doctor looking only at the outward expression of symptoms, in which case internal differences may be missed and similar diseases confused. But of course today we can run tests on blood and urine or send someone through an MRI, etc. to look at what’s happening internally, so diagnosis has become more precise in this regard.

But in the end, disease diagnosis is still based on symptoms, even when including these test results.

Following a medical diagnosis, medicine’s support may involve surgery, but often involves drugs to stop the body’s natural responses to a problem or killing something in the body (as you see with chemotherapy).

By mitigating symptoms (but generally not addressing why things went wrong in the first place), medicine is allowed to claim cures in many cases. In other cases, it only claims support (perhaps a slowing of disease) while saying there is no cure.

That’s all well and good. This is what medicine is, and we don’t call it good or bad. We call it a choice, and one that is no doubt fantastic in the face of emergencies. So if you’re interested in a sophisticated diagnosis of disease and treatment of symptoms, Western medicine is designed to help.

But when causes are not addressed, this option may have you on medications for life, often increasing in numbers of prescriptions over time. Or you may have issues recur until the cause is really addressed. This is the downside of medicine today.

The Bioenergetic Story: How the Body Works and Root Causes

While medicine largely focuses on the chemistry of the body (which is what drugs interact with), bioenergetics focuses on what actually drives chemistry, and that is energy. The presence and movement of energy drive everything in the body, so when there’s a problem, it starts right there.

We’re not referring to a metaphysical energy here, but to energy particles we know of, like electrons, whose exchange between molecules is the basis of chemistry. Energy like this is influenced not by direct contact between energy particles but by the frequencies they generate. Basically messages sent through space that we refer to as resonance between energy particles.

I’ll give a very human and very simplistic example. Imagine someone is waving their hand slowly at you (i.e., a slow frequency back and forth); you may assume you’re being greeted. But now imagine that person is waving their hand rapidly; you may assume you’re being warned about something.

In this example, a difference in frequency – and nothing else – sent different information through space and you responded accordingly. In physics, information in space is a real thing, and it drives all energy that exists.

This is why electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones and WiFi and microwaves and so on can all have biological effects. It is also our opinion that this is why consciousness itself – stress, emotional shocks and traumas, patterns of emotions and thoughts, etc. – impact our health. Scientists might point to the production of hormones or other chemical actions as the cause for this impact, but why are these chemical actions taking place?

Because energy has been altered. And that is the root cause of so many problems.

Bioenergetics as a Solution

So when we speak about bioenergetics, we refer to an emerging field of healthcare where our interest is understanding, assessing, and correcting the body’s energy control system. Because yes, you can gather symptoms together and call them one disease. But from an energy perspective, the same disease can have many different causes, so its name is meaningless if you actually want to help the body address the cause and recover.

As a leader in bioenergetics, NES Health was founded on the idea that we have no interest in diagnosing disease or claiming cures – not only because this only “allowed” for medicine, but because disease doesn’t interest us. A healthy body does.

Our entire goal is to know how the body should be operating, because when it’s operating correctly, the wisdom of the body already knows how to heal itself and stay healthy. We want the body to express this wisdom. And we support it in doing so by using resonance to communicate with it, providing frequency guideposts back to health.

As another human and simplistic example, if you were blindfolded in a large field and told to reach a very specific spot, you’d only reach that spot by sheer luck. But if a sound was played for you from that spot, you could locate it even while blindfolded, simply by following the frequencies (the sound).

Energy follows frequencies, so if we can provide the right ones, we can restore better function and let the body work its own miracles from there. This is why, with bioenergetics, you can see so many results that conventional medicine cannot explain.

To be fair though, scientists are increasingly proving our point – there is already plenty of research out there showing how light, sound, and magnetic fields can all impact the body, right down to the DNA. Because of this, we have no doubt that the future of conventional medicine will increasingly focus on the body’s energy.

But NES Health has already been doing this since 2003, and we’ll continue to pioneer this field. While I’ve mentioned simple frequencies here, the reality of something as complex as a human cell is that it emits whole sets of frequencies interacting together and creating very unique patterns. This is the type of thing we need to speak with through resonance. But that’s also what decades of research has allowed us to do. That’s how we restore the body’s own wisdom and support people through whatever they may be struggling with.

We support. They heal.

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