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Bioenergetics: The Future of Medicine




NES Health is built around the idea that bioenergetics will play a key role in the future of human health and medicine, and we’re laying the groundwork for this to happen by sharing its theories, research, and clinical successes.

But what is bioenergetics?

What is Bioenergetics?

In conventional terms, bioenergetics is the study of energy in living systems. Traditionally, this is a branch of biochemistry studying how cells produce and consume energy primarily in the form of ATP.

But energy plays a more fundamental role in the body than this. The entire body is a complex yet beautiful dance of raw energy – electrons, protons, and neutrons coming together as atoms that bond into molecules, growing into proteins and organelles, and eventually rising to the organized level of cells.

In other words, physics underlies the world of chemistry, and we are interested not only in how cells produce and use energy, but also:

  • How energy forms cells and bodies in the first place.
  • How energy interacts and builds life from definite blueprints.
  • How energy allows for wireless communication to take place in the body.
  • How the body is powered by more than just ATP.
  • And indeed, how we can assess and correct the body at the quantum level.

Quantum Biology: 

Let’s touch on that term “quantum.” It refers to the subatomic scale world of energy waves and particles, and it gets us into exceptionally subtle concepts like:

  • A wave nature to the very fabric or fields of space. For visualization purposes, you could think of this like ripples in an ocean that we cannot see.
  • How field interactions create “high pressure” regions giving us “appearances,” which we refer to as energy particles.
  • How particles come together to give us “space resonances” allowing for wireless communication and the creation of more complex forms.

Quantum biology is not just a term found on this site, but is a growing area of study. And it’s become more accessible to the average person thanks to books like Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology by Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili.

In short, the world is indeed beginning to explore how quantum effects alter biochemistry and thus our lives as we know them.

On the one hand, we observe that certain quantum phenomena – like interference, superposition, and entanglement – occur in simple quantum systems because of coherence. We’re said to lose this coherence as systems become more complex, as they do at the larger scale of cells and humans, which is why we don’t experience these same phenomena.

Either way, this doesn’t stop quantum operations at the quantum level within us. As McFadden says in Quantum Evolution: “although quantum-level phenomena are not visible in a (hot) object the size of a cat, the individual electrons and protons inside will continue to display quantum-level phenomena at any temperature.”

Thus, while we do not have an apparent “wave” nature at the human level, our tiniest bits still do. Which opens the door to influencing activity at this level through frequency. Influence an electron, and you can influence the forming and breaking of chemical bonds.

We already know that the sun interacts with us through electromagnetic frequencies and causes us to produce vitamin D. And we know we’re meant to avoid high frequency radiation for the damaging effects it can have on us biologically. So in this sense, the fact of quantum biology has been known for a long time.

But our goal now is to take a general notion and make it practical: how do we assess what’s happening at these subtle levels of the body, and how do we intentionally alter the body at this level to trigger an upward effect of healing?

Migration and Quantum Biology:

In fact, an article on quantum biology was published around the time we were writing this. It was called, “Turtles Use Earth's Magnetic Fields and ‘Quantum Biology’ to Get Their Bearings.” The researchers suggest the way in which many animals may in fact respond to the Earth’s magnetic field:

“It has to do – we think – with this really exotic sensory system, which is a quantum process that involves photoreceptors [whose] response to light depends on their alignment relative to the magnetic field.”

Here, a quantum process is not only affecting an animal’s body, but its way of life in terms of migration. As the article points out, we live in a world with an increasing number of human-made magnetic fields that can distort these processes, no doubt impacting humans as well. While we may not navigate with a quantum process like this, bioenergetic theory still sees the Earth’s magnetic field playing an important role in human health.

The Quantum Role in Smell:

This quantum role in direction for animals has been posited for years, so this really just represents emerging details. In a similar way, researchers have argued for some years that the sense of smell is quantum as well.

Historically, there was a view that the shape of an odorant (the molecule that is being smelled) determined its smell. That is, certain shapes would lock into certain receptors, chemically determining what we smell. But we found that identical shapes could produce different smells, which implied something deeper was involved. It’s been proposed that we also smell according to the vibration of the odorant.

An even more recent model suggests that, as electrons in an odorant fall to a lower energy state, they release photons (light), to which we respond. This is in line with the fact of biophotons in the body, which seem to represent a light-based communication system of the body. This idea is easy to embrace in a time when we’re actively working on LiFi technology to communicate information via lights in our homes.

Sample Effects of Physics on Biology:

Other research has already shown us for years that we can manipulate DNA with both sound and light. You can see just a few examples here (light), here (light), and here (sound). They’re even experimenting with sound in the form of “acoustic tweezers” to manipulate cells.

Magnetic fields can be used for injury healing, and like sound and light, they can impact DNA. Related to this, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have hundreds of studies showing their impact on human health.

All of these are demonstrations of the real effects of quantum physics on biology.

This is why the American Physical Society says, “It’s Time to Take Quantum Biology Research Seriously,” and why they open the article by saying:

“Understanding the possible quantum-driven behaviors of biological systems could aid in treating injuries or in developing cures for diseases, but research in the field has been pushed to the sidelines. It’s time for that to change.”

We couldn’t agree more. It’s why we’ve pushed for bioenergetic solutions for more than two decades in other work, and why we’re trying to expand public awareness through this site.

Wireless Communication and Assessing the Body's Fields: 

Bioenergetics has proposed for decades that the body has a wireless communication system – based on resonance – that runs alongside the chemical systems of nerves and hormones. Wireless is relatively instantaneous across the body, allowing the body to truly act in unison rather than trillions of separate lives (cells) that must individually speak before taking action.

Research is now emerging to back this up, with scientists surprised to discover communication leaping between neurons in the brain, even across regions that had been surgically severed.

It is this fact of resonant communication that opens the opportunity for bioenergetic technologies to assess what’s happening in the body without relying on blood or urine analysis, for instance. In words, assessing physics rather than chemistry.

The approach yields a different perspective on the body – one that is based not on the “collapsed wave functions” of chemistry (which are relatively stable), but on that ongoing dance of waves and particles. Thus, it’s a more fluid perspective, but one that is wholly non-invasive and can take place in just seconds. Such a test uses the interactions of fields produced by biology and technology to yield results.

At the scale of cells and organs, getting meaningful data from the body doesn’t seem possible in this way. But at the quantum level, the tiniest influence can make a difference. If we can influence an electron by introducing another field, we can literally alter the binary “ones and zeroes” that determine the output of a software.

So the race in bioenergetics is to decode how such subtle influences can give us meaningful insights into the body.

A Gentle Touch for Correction:

In a similar way, if we can introduce a particular resonance into the body, this may not directly alter a cell, but it can alter the quantum properties within and around that cell. We mentioned the simple need to alter an electron in software; but in the same way, if we alter an electron in a cell, we can change the outcome of chemical activity.

This needn’t even move an electron between atoms; it turns out that the mere spin of an electron has biological implications. So if we can even just influence the spin, we can influence biology. Doing this in one instance won’t mean much, but if we can introduce signals to the body to change such things in mass, we can potentially control cellular activity on a human scale.

That again is the goal of bioenergetics.


The challenge in a quantum view of biology has historically been twofold: first, the assumption that reality loses its quantum nature and the level of organelles and cells, and therefore subtle quantum interactions had no upward causation; and second, even if we recognized the role of the quantum world, it’s extraordinarily difficult to study with the tools of chemistry.

It is not until you think in terms of fields and resonance that you can begin to measure the influence of quantum biological activity. And until the emergence of modern technology, we didn’t have a way to produce fields that could interact with our biology, much less measure the response of those fields. In the age of computers, we can begin to do this,

Today, the pioneers of bioenergetics will refine how we can read fields that are generated by the body, and how we can improve them for better health outcomes that get us to the core of what’s really happening in the body.

It’s all based in energy. And that is why we’re calling to the world, seeking to wake as many people as we can to the ideas, the power, and the potentials of bioenergetics.


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