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Advancing Bioenergetics: Fulfilling Peter Fraser’s Legacy

Peter Fraser was a pioneer in the world of bioenergetics. 

With a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine (having written a university textbook on the matter), he was not satisfied with that as the final answer to human health. 

Which is why he forged a new path investigating the physics of the body – how energy is accumulated in the body, and how its exchange is directed by fields that allow for instantaneous communication throughout the body. 

Foundational theories liked quantum electrodynamics (QED) and the work of physicist Milo Wolff were important keys, though he references many others in his work as well. He would undoubtedly be elated with the continued evolution of biophysics, showing how the body works as a quantum system on a macroscopic scale.

Over several decades, he used electronic equipment to run matching experiments to determine what parts of the body speak most directly with one another in non-conventional ways – that is, through fields, rather than through more obvious communication systems like the nervous system, the endocrine system, etc. 

He also looked at how the body relates through fields with the environment, toxins, emotions, and more. These experiments involved placing test subjects into two testing areas and introducing a charge; communication between the two items was observed through the reaction of an indicator needle. 


His genius, however, went beyond merely testing whether two test items communicated. He looked at a variety of conditions to determine the order in which information preferred to flow, what could block communication, and so on. This is what makes his mapping of the human body-field so unique and so important to understanding the bioenergetic basis of the body. 

Harry Massey Helps Peter Advance His Theories

First, for all his ability to think outside the box, Peter had stuck with the allopathic paradigm, along with hormesis, or mild stress stimulations of the body (similar to homeopathy). There was nothing revolutionary in this approach, but it got him started on his revolutionary path. 

Peter was never one to stand still in his ideas or research. Whether due to his own studies, or an idea or challenge posed to him by Harry, or something introduced to him by other scientists and health experts, Peter was always ready to review his assumptions, update his theories, or test in new directions. He would happily throw out old work if something new would allow for better results. 

Originally, Peter thought the information of everything that needed to be addressed was combined into a single remedy. This meant you had to create a distinct remedy for each person at each visit. What’s more, when you stacked up this much information into a single remedy, it created errors. 

Harry guided Peter to create individual remedies that could be used by anyone, allowing them to be combined with other remedies to customize a protocol. 


Just as important, he reversed Peter’s thinking by suggesting they develop remedies with positive information – that is, instructions to help restore the body’s natural ability to heal and function well. This shifted them toward a model of supporting optimal health and gave us the basis of Infoceuticals as we know them today. 

Second, Peter was still limited to testing clients directly with his equipment. There was no way to rapidly assess all aspects of the body-field, nor to spread his expertise in testing to others. 

Harry’s background allowed him to address both of these issues by standardizing Peter’s tests into NES Health’s assessment system. It was the union of their backgrounds that gave us the bioenergetic system we know today. 

Updating the NES Health System

Because of this continued movement forward, there were elements of Peter’s work that were not incorporated into the NES Health system at the time of his passing in 2012. 

In late 2017, Harry began a deep dive into Peter’s notes in an effort to bring his remaining ideas into the system. The goal was to fulfill Peter’s legacy and have that as a foundation from which to continue the progress of NES Health. 

This process took him down many paths as he explored notes on the body’s germ layers, glial cells, epigenetics, advanced cellular terrain theories, the critical role of certain Energetic Drivers, and more. This eventually coalesced into our Emotional Immunity theory and software feature, including the release of a new Infoceutical called, ET16 Glial Cell. 

Below, you can see a mind map Harry developed while trying to pull all this information together: 

Brain and Other Mind Map

We launched Emotional Immunity in November 2018 along with another gem from Peter’s work: Energetic Integrators 13-16. They play a role in a second “big body wave,” separating them in concept from the first 12 Integrators. 

Corresponding to higher frequency sets, Peter matched these to various aspects of the brain, and they are now the basis of our “Brain Performance” screen, available to certified NES Health practitioners. 

We have lessons available on this screen and Emotional Immunity in our online BWS Foundation training, available for free to all of our practitioners. 

Peter’s continued research meant that early NES Health teachings required updates, leaving some outdated content floating around in print and online, driving some confusion around what we teach today. 

Even NES Health practitioners who learned from us early on may not have received all the updates. So in an effort to align the community around what we teach today and why, here are some details about the work of Peter Fraser. 

How Many Infoceutical Drops Should Be Given? 

When Infoceuticals were introduced to the public, a precautionary approach was taken, with 6 drops given for three days, then 9 drops given for three days, then 15 for three days, and finally 28 for the rest of the protocol. 

Peter’s matching tests suggested that you didn’t get enough benefit from going beyond 28 to make it worthwhile in most cases. Many have worked with higher numbers of drops, however, and found success when doing so. In fact, Peter and Harry originally worked with large numbers of drops in order to more clearly see the results for documentation purposes. 

While our software now defaults to giving 15 drops per day throughout a protocol, it also allows a practitioner to start a client at as little as 1 drop and move up to as many as 28 continuing for 3 days at each level of drops. (And you can manually override this limitation.) There is nothing wrong with “ramping up” like this, especially in the first couple visits or if you are concerned about a client’s sensitivity or their ability to work through corrective responses. But there are no absolutes about it either. Many practitioners start their clients at 15 drops. 

Can You Mix Infoceuticals?

Not only did early teachings advise against mixing Infoceuticals, but this was further supported in Decoding the Human Body-Field. The concept here was that you would be creating a new effect with the mixture. After all, Energetic Stars (and many other Infoceuticals) represent mixtures of Infoceuticals and other information sets. 

But again, behind the scenes, Peter and Harry frequently mixed their Infoceuticals and took them in a single glass of water. And Peter’s early work, as shown above, combined everything into a single remedy for clients. What’s more, consider these several facts about Infoceuticals: 

● If BFA and Polarity both show as priorities, our early teachings said you could just take Polarity, as it has the information of BFA in it. Effectively, the information of BFA would still shine through, even if it wasn’t the entire focus of the Infoceutical. 

● When Polarity was updated in 2010 with new information, it retained its original effects and gained some new ones. 

● Peter updated many of the Infoceuticals over the years with information of the heart in order to provide a stronger and more uplifting experience when taking them. This didn’t take away from their original effects, but enhanced them. 

What’s more, all the information we provide with Infoceuticals is supposed to be present in the body-field of a healthy person, all at one time. In other words, the information is already combined in an ideal situation. It is not like mixing herbs, where you need to be cautious about chemical interactions. This early teaching came once again from an abundance of caution around how to safely introduce a new product to the market. 

Since we no longer teach the necessity of giving Infoceuticals separately, we have many practitioners whose clients take them all at once and we continue to see success with this approach. 

To use an analogy, if you hear a music note played individually, your focus is entirely on that one note; it is very distinct as a result. If it is blended with other notes into a chord, some of that focus is lost, but something new and rich is discovered in the chord that isn’t present with the individual notes. 

This is how I view the mixing of Infoceuticals. Taking them separately may increase the focus of each individual one; and perhaps just as important, it allows the client a chance to give focused attention and intention around that one. But taking them together is not only easier (increasing overall compliance), it also adds that extra “something” of a musical chord. It is effectively a personalized Energetic Star that your body-field requested through the scan. 

Both approaches can be entirely beneficial, and we welcome practitioners to take the approach that works best for their clients while being mindful of the impact on compliance. We give this bigger picture to help clear up why the teaching was changed. 

Should BFA and Polarity be Given Priority Over All Other Infoceuticals? 

BFA deals with our relationship to powerful forces, and a negative charge to the body is essential, so there is a special role for these two Infoceuticals. 

But there is some misconception that they should always be prioritized over others. This is in part because Decoding the Human Body-Field says, “Under almost all circumstances, and especially at the beginning of your use of NES, you must align your body-field layers to correct Integrators or Terrains.” 

Notice “especially at the beginning” – our oldest teachings specifically say: “If the client does not seem to be responding to these Infoceuticals after the first two uses, then reduce their priority and use as with any of the other Infoceuticals.” To this day, it is fine to give added priority to BFA and Polarity in the first couple of scans if you wish. 

In fact, though, our software gives priority to these two Infoceuticals in every scan to this day. Because BFA’s reading comes from the highest reading of any of its three axes, it’s more likely than other Infoceuticals to show a high reading. 

Given an identical deviation reading in the scan (i.e., the color of dots), the software is designed to give preference to Infoceuticals on the first screens before those on later screens. It also gives preference to Drivers in the order they appear on their screen; same with Integrators; and so on. 

Sometimes, however, it appears that these items have been passed over for no apparent reason. BFA is purple, but the software doesn’t select it as one of the top five priorities on the Recommendations screen. Why is this? 

It’s because every color represents a range of deviations from the ideal body-field. Some purples are greater deviations than others, and the software gives first priority to the greatest deviations, even if they both just look purple to us. In other words, we’re getting a simplified view with the colors. The software bases recommendations on the true deviation, which lines up with what NES has always taught. 

When Can You Give Energetic Terrains or Stars?

In the earliest days of NES, Energetic Terrains and Stars largely didn’t exist, so protocols would have always started with BFA / Polarity as well as Drivers and Integrators. As a result, when the others were later added, the company was already familiar with starting clients with the original Infoceuticals. And it made sense to make sure someone’s body-field was powered up and their communication systems were working well before you got into “deeper” work. 

So in the training that arose after Terrains and Stars were introduced, Terrains weren’t given to clients until at least the third visit, and Stars until at least the fourth. 

But consider this: 

● Harry was originally helped by taking an Energetic Terrain, and he saw a quick response that convinced him of the power of Infoceuticals. So on his “first visit,” so to speak, that’s what he was given by Peter Fraser. It is not until later that all the Infoceuticals were available for even considering what order to give them in. 

● The Mind-Body screen did not exist in the early days of NES. Peter later saw the importance of addressing emotional residue in the body-field to assist with healing and tied this closely to the Energetic Terrains. 

Brain-Holograms with ETs

This is why we introduced “Emotional Immunity,” and why you should no longer delay giving Terrains when needed; all aspects of the body-field work together. In fact, here are some of Peter’s notes showing the value of following Liberator or Brain Hologram Infoceuticals with Energetic Terrains: 

● The body-field is holographic. Peter knew this and certainly spoke about it. Improving the energy and efficiency / communication of any aspects – especially those in the greatest need of help – assists all other aspects. 

When Peter worked with clients using his original testing methods, he provided what their bodies were asking for and didn’t adhere to some set order of when he could give remedies. 

In fact, he often recommended specific protocols that matched a condition they might be dealing with, and these could include any type of Infoceutical. Many people have run across the protocols in his writings or lectures. Of course these look like a “treatment,” but when he remembered to, Peter pointed out that these were what to look for to best support someone, and that the protocol should be based on scan results. That’s why we’ve added a “Patterns” feature to BWS. 


There is also the idea that Terrains and Stars should only be introduced in later scans because they can generate strong responses from the body. For those who wish to avoid them in the first scans on this basis, we still offer a “Core Body-Field” protocol that only chooses Infoceuticals from the first 3 screens. 

Many of the Drivers can also spur strong responses, and you can use those with clients right away. This is why I am personally happy to work with any of the Infoceuticals the body-field is requesting. 

Should You Limit the Number of Energetic Terrains or Stars in a Protocol? 

This ties in with the previous question, as it’s based on thinking that Terrains and Stars are too strong to include several at a time. Once again, there is some written history that points to this, but that doesn’t make it gospel. At least not to Peter. In fact, he said that Infoceuticals liked working together in sets of four. 

Here’s an example of one protocol he was working on to support anti-aging; it includes four Terrains. Note the high number of drops, as well as the fact that they could be broken into morning, noon, and night, but that was optional. They were all part of one protocol. 


As you can see, it wasn’t always easy to keep up with Peter, but we’ve worked hard in the background over the last couple years to ensure we’ve made the most of what he left us. 

I, myself, have spent countless hours reviewing every version I could find of our help files along with Peter’s notes and lectures to produce the most accurate and useful help files possible. 

Future iterations of our software (from the time of this writing in July 2020) will not only make it easier to see the highlights of test items at a glance, but will also separate client help files from practitioner help files so we can offer practitioners more of the details we know they crave. 

All this is to honor and fulfill the legacy of Peter Fraser by ensuring we stand in integrity on his shoulders. But fulfilling the legacy of someone who never stood still means, most of all, that we continue forward, advancing our technology with the mission to provide the easiest, most effective and educational wellness system possible. 

That’s something we’re committed to doing. It’s why we introduced a complete lifestyle program for NES Health clients. It’s why we’re studying how hormesis can be used to enhance results. It’s why we’re continually developing our software and looking at new ways to use technology to gather more data and provide more insights for practitioners to assist their clients. 

Bioenergetics is still in its early days, and we are grateful for the foundation Peter gave us. Now we head into the future. It’s a bright one, made brighter by all those walking alongside us in this visionary journey.

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