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Global NES Health Live Training - Advanced and Novice

NES offers FREE trainings -- performed remotely via Zoom webinars -- to NES Practitioners and those exploring our system through a trial. This training is NOT required as part of NES Practitioner Certification*.

Each advanced training will have its own agenda and allow time for any questions by practitioners. Novice training largely follows the same agenda each time, and also offers an opportunity for any individual questions to be asked.

Upcoming Training Dates

Advanced Training - TBD
We're putting together some new research to share with our community. We hope to present this in October.



Novice Training – October 19, 2021, 2:00 pm Eastern (USA)
We'll review key elements of the portal and key things you should know when working with NES Health scans. Then we'll walk through a sample scan to show you how a basic scan is done, and we'll discuss doing more advanced scans (when you're ready) using patterns. We conclude with general Q&A so you can walk away feeling confident about working with others. You know the drill: there are no dumb questions! Ask about scans, Infoceuticals, miHealth, the business model, etc.

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*About NES Certification

To become NES certified, you must have purchased a BWS license and completed the BWS Foundation training. The BWS Foundation training is a fully digital course that you can complete at your own leisure, and is found within the NES Health Portal.

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