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Global NES Health Live Training - Advanced and Novice

NES offers FREE trainings -- performed remotely via Zoom webinars -- to NES Practitioners. This training is NOT required as part of NES Practitioner Certification*. It is designed to support NES practitioners, and answer questions. Trainings are performed by NES Health Head of Training, Steve McCardell.

Are you eligible to attend?

If you are a NES Practitioner, a practitioner on a NES system trial, or even if you are already certified -- you are welcome to join. 

Upcoming Training Dates

Novice Training – March 9, 2021 at 7pm ET   >>  Register Here

Join us to have your basic questions answered about NES Health. We can discuss using the portal, doing scans, providing Infoceuticals, using miHealth, or simply how to build a practice around it all.

This training is designed for those on trial or otherwise new to the NES Health family, but we welcome any of our practitioners who have basic questions to discuss. Key topics include:

      • Key areas in the portal
      • A sample scan
      • The Recommendations screen
      • Recommending Infoceuticals
      • A brief review on using the miHealth


BWS Practicum, Tampa, FL – March 26-27, 2021  >>  Register Here

This event is for those on a BWS trial or who have purchased a BWS system from us but have never attended a BWS Foundation or practicum in Tampa. We will walk through scans as a group, get hands on with the miHealth, and talk about growing a successful practice. This is also a great opportunity to network with other professionals.

These are always fun events, and we learn from one another. Lunch is included both days, and great conversations are had!



Please check back for additional time and date options! Need help? Contact us


*About NES Certification

To become NES certified, you must have purchased a BWS license and completed the BWS Foundation training. The BWS Foundation training is a fully digital course that you can complete at your own leisure, and is found within the NES Health Portal. Questions? Contact us