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Global NES Health Live Training - Advanced and Novice

NES offers FREE trainings -- performed remotely via Zoom webinars -- to NES Practitioners. This training is NOT required as part of NES Practitioner Certification*. It is designed to support NES practitioners, and answer questions. Trainings are performed by NES Health Head of Training, Steve McCardell.

Are you eligible to attend?

If you are a NES Practitioner, a practitioner on a NES system trial, or even if you are already certified -- you are welcome to join. 

Upcoming Training Dates

  • Advanced Training – December 15, 2020 at 2pm ET Register Here

    NES Health Testimonials -- bring YOUR best testimonial from working with NES Health so we can inspire and learn from one another. There is no official presentation. This is all about sharing stories.

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*About NES Certification

To become NES certified, you must be a NES Practitioner and complete the BWS Foundation Training. The BWS Foundation Training is a fully digital course that you can complete at your own leisure, and is found within the NES Health Portal. Questions? Contact us