Over the course of 2 days, you will learn:

  • Why most health practitioners are only addressing HALF the body’s story. We give you the keys to the other half and make it EASY.


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  • How we spent decades mapping the Human Body-Field – a foundation for what many experts see as the FUTURE of medicine.

  • How WATER helps power entire body and is involved in the body’s fastest, most holistic communication system.

  • How to visualize the strength and flow of information in the body in just seconds, and why information is central to everything from the DNA to our body as a whole.

  • The secrets of embryology and how they help explain the strength of energy in the body.

  • How traditional Chinese medicine and its meridian system tie in to the modern understanding of communication in the body.

  • How to see and address the effects of shock and trauma in the body to restore proper body-field function. See why the body’s germ layers play such a crucial role here!

  • How to prepare a client ahead of time to get the most accurate picture of what’s really going on for them.

  • An entirely different view of pathogens and how the body heals itself … from the storehouse of healing messages to the possible use of pathogens in the healing process!

  • The special role of the nervous system in healing – not like anything you’d learn from traditional textbooks.

  • The role of the heart in the body’s communication process. How it is much more than just a pump.

  • Evidence that the heart cannot possibly drive all the body’s circulation … and how circulation can still be explained.

  • How to get instant insights on a client’s strongest emotional energies – perfect for the practitioner wishing to guide someone on their inner journey as well.

  • How to get a quick snapshot of energy distortions related to toxins and nutritional issues, along with ways to quickly assist the body’s absorption.

  • Technology you can use to reduce or eliminate many painful conditions in just minutes. Also to unblock energy flow in the body and prepare it for better uptake of any other modality. Includes practical training on how to use this technology.

  • How to explain bioenergetic concepts and our system, and how to successfully incorporate it into a practice. Or how to start a practice from scratch.

  • How to work with people from anywhere in the world – ignore the limitations of your local market. Eliminate the need for expensive office space and a huge stock of product.

In this training, you will go beyond theory and spend time scanning and assessing fellow students. They’ll do the same for you. You will see how EASY it is to get a whole new view of health and establish a wellness protocol in just minutes. Begin a healing process for yourself and others on the spot. Know how to begin helping clients by the time you're back home … even if you’re new to the world of health coaching!


We even make lunchtime special! As you may know, food isn’t just about fat, carbs, protein, and nutrients. It’s about life. Learn from our chef about the bioenergetics of diet and, if you choose, you can join us in an incredibly healthy bioenergetic lunch each day. (Charged separately.)


Best of all, you’ll learn from passionate trainers with years of NES Health experience. We have several trainers with different backgrounds, but they all share a deep commitment to spreading the word of bioenergetics and answering the questions you may have.

Of course this gives you just a flavor of your experience here. There is so much more, including the opportunity to network with others and form friendships with those you may continue to learn with in our private Facebook community.


And all it takes is for you to show up ready to learn and grow. Are you ready? If so, we’re making it super easy for you!

We know how excited our students are when they attend this training. And we know about the successes our practitioners have using our system. Now we want this excitement and success for you. That’s why we’ve made this experience so affordable and completely risk free. We’ve made it easy. Are you ready to learn?


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PS: Remember, attendance at this training is needed to complete your certification as a NES Health practitioner. We look forward to seeing you here!

Disclaimer: Cost of travel / hotels / meals is not included.