Energy 4 Life Experience

NES Health's Largest Event of 2019
10.12.2019 - 10.13.2019
Clearwater, FL

About The Event

Join us at this year's 2-day Energy 4 Life Experience on beautiful Clearwater Beach in Florida, October 12-13. Stay an extra day for a miHealth masterclass! If the beach in October isn't reason enough to attend, take a look at our plans:

Energy 4 Life Platform

Energy 4 Life is more than just our event theme. It is a new platform we're rolling out for practitioners, and a brand we're building to attract more clients. We'll show you the latest features of the platform and how to use them in your business.

Energy 4 Life Client Course

Energy 4 Life includes a powerful new course of 24 video lessons you can use to guide clients, teaching them about health and practical steps they can take to improve their well being. Author of the course, Niki Gratrix, will walk you through the range of content, how it connects to client scans, and how you can build your business with it.

Energy 4 Life Book & Bioenergetic Principles

We'll launch our new book, Energy 4 Life, which ties together the whole NES Health platform within 4 bioenergetic principles. This book not only gathers together our past and future into one streamlined theory; it is also a tool for building your business, and we'll show you how.

Harry Massey will present on these 4 bioenergetic principles, how they're connected to our software's new "Emotional Immunity" protocol, and how to practically apply them to support your clients' Energy 4 Life. This will include his insights on aerobic immunity and more.

BWS Developments

Steve McCardell, our head of educational content, will showcase the latest developments in BWS and what developments are still planned. We think you'll love what we're working on. Any new releases will be available to conference attendees prior to their official launch to all practitioners.

Bioenergetic Cooking

We'll have an on-site bioenergetic cooking demonstration with Kimberly Knox, who provides our incredible bioenergetic meals at Foundation training events. See firsthand what's involved and get ideas for bringing even healthier cooking into your home.

Expert Marketing Talk

Marketing expert Dean Jackson will present his 8 Profit Activators specifically on the topic of NES Health to give you even more ideas on building your business. Dean is one of the best-known marketers around and businesses pay a great deal for his guidance!

miHealth Masterclass October 14

Those who stay on October 14 for a special 1-day miHealth masterclass will learn from Todd Erb -- our biohacking, miHealth expert -- about several unique ways to use the miHealth. Very hands on with techniques you could use to expand your services.




We see this as a real turning point for NES Health. With the software's new "Emotional Immunity" protocol and the contents of our new book, we are pulling together the most complete, accurate, and streamlined theory of NES Health from which we'll spring into the future. We have a whole lot more planned for decoding human health and helping people recover their Energy 4 Life.

On top of that, we're taking bold new steps to help our practitioners build thriving practices, and that is a thrust of our Energy 4 Life platform. Come and learn how to make the most of it for your practice.

This event is a great way for our community to join in friendship and learning. It's where we establish and build on our relationships with one another. It's where we can do our best to surprise and excite you, and where we can get your feedback in person about what we can do to improve for you.

We hope to see you there to connect and grow as a team!



Available Packages

Energy 4 Life Experience (2-day Event)
October 12-13, 2019

Early Bird Special: $695

miHealth Masterclass (1-day Event)
October 14, 2019


Combined Events
October 12-14, 2019

Early Bird Special: $1080

Or FREE: If you purchased a BWS+ package that included attendance at future events, this combined 3-day event counts as attendance at one event.

The Speakers

Harry Headshot (1)
Harry Massey
NES Health Co-Founder & CEO
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.04.53 PM
Niki Gratrix
Certified Nutritional Therapist
Dean Jackson
hor & Founder of
Steve McCardell
Steve McCardell
Head of Educational Content | NES
Todd Erb
Todd Erb
FDNP, NES Practitioner
Kimberly Knox
Certified Integrative Health Coach


Saturday, October 12

9 AM
5 PM
Energy 4 Life Experience Day 1
More info coming soon!

Sunday, October 13

9 AM
5 PM
Energy 4 Life Experience Day 2
More info coming soon!

Monday, October 14

9 AM
5 PM
miHealth Masterclass
More info coming soon!

**Please note: times are approximate, and presentations will flow with your needs and questions.


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Discover Clearwater

Experience the tranquility of Clearwater Beach, FL, with its stretch of soft, white sand beach and sunsets to make you pause in awe. Kick back with the Gulf breeze, get active on the pedestrian-friendly Beach Walk promenade, or discover Clearwater’s Gulf Boulevard, lined with beach bars, restaurants, shops, and popular night spots.

Ranked TripAdvisor's 2019 best beach in the United States, and 6th in the world, this Clearwater Beach getaway is sure to get you grounded and help you realign.

Join us in October for the Energy 4 Life Experience, to expand your education to help humanity, and get a chance to relax on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. We think you deserve it.


The Venue

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

1160 Gulf Blvd, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767