What Are the Ingredients in Infoceutical® Solutions?

What are the ingredients in Infoceutical® Solutions?

If you take a look at any two bottles of Infoceutical® solutions, you might find yourself confused. Aside from the name on the front, the labels look identical.


It’s something you don’t see often. Even when you compare two different bottles of vitamin C, the amounts of the immune-supporting vitamin are likely to be different.

Why are the Ingredients so Similar?

The quick answer is the ingredients in Infoceutical® solutions are so similar because the base component needs to be the same. It’s a mix of minerals that is similar in composition to blood plasma.

Most people are likely familiar with plasma because of radio commercials and how you can get paid for “donating” it.

This donated plasma is often used to restore blood volume and provide valuable electrolytes. These electrolytes help balance the water, nutrients, and pH level in your body.

The properties of plasma are exactly why we sought to replicate it (you'll find out more about why this is so important later). 

We found we could mimic plasma with primordial sea minerals (minerals from the sea millions of years ago when the environment was pristine) mixed with pharmaceutical grade magnesium and potassium provided the cleanest and closest biological match to add additional structure and information to the water.

When you drink this water, it helps to ensure your "internal sea" is as healthy as possible -- which is absolutely necessary for what we do with Infoceuticals.

Infoceutical® Solutions Contain Structured Water

Dr. Gerald Pollock, a professor at the University of Washington, who has done remarkable work demonstrating how water structures and what this means in nature and in the human body.

After meeting Dr. Gerald Pollock, we researched and tested the best way to create structured water to provide the best possible carrier medium for our Infoceutical® solutions.

It's important to note the word, "carrier", here. Water is the liquid in NES Infoceutical® solutions, but it's the following that is able to transport the "missing" ingredient.

When mixing minerals in a carrier solution, it creates what Dr. Pollack calls an EZ (exclusion zone) layer around each mineral. The EZ layer is formed of highly structured water or H3O2 (instead of H2O), which is the ideal structure for imprinting and storing information in water.

H3O2 is a bit like computer memory in its ability to store information. When carried into the body, this information is then transmitted directly to the cells. Our Infoceutical® solutions are able to do this precisely because the water so closely resembles plasma.


Life originated in the sea, and in fact even land animals are walking bags of cells living in a mobile sea or extracellular matrix. Our cells feed on this extracellular water, on the ions and EZ water surrounding them.

To ensure purity and additional structure, our sea mineral water is filtered, structured, and stability tested in a pharmaceutical grade facility. The Infoceutical® solutions should be stored in a cool, dry place. There is no need for refrigeration.

What Makes Infoceutical® Solution Different from Each Other?

If the ingredients are so similar, what makes them different?

How is it that one Infoceutical® solution can support liver health while another can help you feel peaceful?

Judging from the nutrition facts panel, it’s impossible to tell the difference – like you’ve already discovered while reading this article.

The answer lies in something you can’t see on the label or in the water, but your body-field can easily recognize: information.

This is why drinking imprinted structured water is so powerful -- it changes the extracellular matrix that our cells live in. When you improve the extracellular matrix, you improve your cells' health.


Therefore, adding highly structured information imprinted water to the water you drink helps to restore your cellular system back to balance and vitality.

Each Infoceutical® solution contains quantum information specific to the part of the human body-field it needs to correct. Through over 35 years of intense testing and research, Peter Fraser was able to figure out what information each field needs for its "correct" state. 

Harry Massey then found a way to codify Peter's discoveries and encode it into software, allowing for a simple way to accurately and readily create Infoceuticals.

Infoceuticals are imprinted with information by specially trained NES personnel. The process of imprinting is complex, but it involves converting the holographic information into data sets, creating large electromagnetic fields, injecting photons of certain colors, and managing other physics and engineering properties that are proprietary to NES.

Though it's something you won't see on a label, it is this holographic information that creates the different Infoceuticals that correspond with your body-fields that need correcting. This makes Infoceutical® solutions an incredibly powerful way to support your health -- whether it's energy, your liver, digestion, mood or dozens of other areas of your health.

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