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Imprinting Information into Infoceutical Solutions




With imprinting, as with anything difficult to understand, it's important to start at the beginning.

First, you must consider phonons, which are quantum-level waves of sound, not to be confused with photons (waves of light)

Though, phonons are just as important as photons in terms of the body-field and body. 

The heart, for instance, manufactures a lot of phonons.

For NES, and following traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is a major sensory and emotional organ, so phonons are important. The heart is actually the major imprinter of information into the body. 

Homeopathic Imprinting vs NES Imprinting

When we talk about imprinting, we are leaving homeopathic ideas behind and looking at all sorts of different effects that interest the physics people.

Imprinting is a 200-year-old idea (read: homeopathy) and we do believe it’s time academia got onto it! But we are different from traditional homeopathy. This new version of imprinting is the basis of NES technology.

Peter Fraser did an experiment years ago showing that in nature, anything can self-imprint very easily. All that is needed is a fluctuation in the magnetic field, in ambient light, surrounding the things that are to be imprinted. In other words, the passage of the sun and moon’s fields is enough to do it.

Of course, all homeopathic materia medica are imprinted using kinetic energy, but imprinting also occurs naturally and is not something foreign to nature. We can imprint with sound waves, light, or magnetic field fluctuations.

The Heart and Sound as Imprinters

In the experiment, Fraser found the heart appeared to be imprinting information, memories only, and onto a lipid cell, if it had the choice of many to choose from. 

Interestingly, you can take this a step forward by asking yourself this question: Can people lose their memory when they take certain kinds of drugs that are supposed to dissolve certain fats? Yes. This does happen.

A medical doctor in the United States has already written a book about it. And his claims agree with the predictions based upon NES theory, for the heart imprints information onto lipids, forming a kind of memory storage and learning system for the person.

For some reason, people think memory is in the brain. Yet anyone who has had a massage will know that you get memories flooding to consciousness when a certain part of the body and its muscles are manipulated.

Sometimes even sounds over certain parts of the body can induce memory recall. The Tibetans have bells of a certain frequency for ringing over the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

So we can look at education in a new way as well. All we have to do is repeat a message and store it in the body fat. Repeating messages, we know already, is a key to all learning. 

Could it be just like the homeopathic kinetic succussion process (shaking the water), where information is repeated a few dozen times in a field of light or sound waves?

Testing shows that exactly 16 repetitions are enough.

2 Ways Information Can Be Imprinted

But let’s get back to the mechanism of imprinting.

There are two ways of imprinting information onto chemical structures. But to imprint using even these methods, the message has to be repeated. The two methods are:

  • By pressure waves and phonons (such as those produced by the heart), which is the very low frequency method.
  • By different visible light frequencies used in a certain way, which is the high frequency method.

From imprinting, we can deduce that the repetition of pulses of energy and information can actually change space!

Consider the work of Dr. William Tiller, who found that when he removed certain machines that had been used in healing studies over extended periods of time, the space in the room where the studies took place and the machinery was located retained information about that healing work -- and this change in space was measurable!

So to understand imprinting correctly, you have to alter your ideas of what space is and what its characteristics are, and also what the electron and photon are.

And you have to consider the role of sound waves in a solid matrix of phonons. 

Imprinting NES Health Infoceutical Solutions

Let me speak about a different kind of imprinting -- that of imprinting corrective information into the NES Infoceutical Solutions. 

Technology sometimes runs ahead of science. Here is a good example: the exact physics of imprinting is as yet undescribed. 

We do know that kinetic energy will do it (this is how homeopathic remedies are imprinted). The origin of this is evidently the protons of the atoms in the solution being imprinted. 

But surprisingly, there is another method of imprinting using certain wavelengths of light arranged in pulses about one second apart.

We have found from continued exploration that there is a continuum of “spikes” of sound that go upwards, possibly as far as the frequency of light.

These spikes may be created by the aggregation of what we call “information packages”. We have found there is a set number of times the spikes need to be presented in order to create a permanent registration or imprint of the information in the micro-minerals in the NES Infoceutical Solutions.

By imprinting at a high voltage and presenting the correct number of spikes, we're able to ensure that when you receive our Infoceuticals, the information is still as potent as it is when we first imprint it.

If you're interested in learning more about Infoceuticals and seeing first-hand how they can help you, click HERE to find a practitioner near you. 


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