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How Infoceutical® Solutions Work




When people first look at an Infoceutical® solution label, it's common to wonder at its simplicity. How can something on the frontier of science and health look so mundane?

Infoceutical® solutions are much more than what you see on the label as you'll find while reading this article about Infoceutical® solution ingredients. How Infoceutical® solutions work is tightly wrapped in the ingredients, but there's something you won't see on the label. That holds the secret to how Infoceuticals work.

Infoceutical® solutions are based on 25 years of research into the human quantum electro-dynamic (QED) body-field, how it serves as the master control system of the physical body, and how to restore homeostasis to the body.

Below is a short overview of what Infoceuticals are and how they work, followed by more detailed explanations for those steeped in science.

A Primer on Infoceutical® Solutions

Infoceutical® solutions provide quantum-level information to the body-field. That information is imprinted onto colloidal minerals in water, and they are then taken as drops in water.


How-Infoceuticals-WorkEach Infoceutical® solution is imprinted with information specific to a particular structure in the body-field, thus it affects a specific physiological process. This information corrects distortions in the body-field, returning the body to homeostasis.

In order to truly understand the Infoceutical® solutions, you first have to take a crash course in quantum biology. We will start with the fact that the body-field can be viewed as something very different when seen through different lenses.

How the Body-Field Affects Your Health

At the simplest, energetic level, the body-field can be viewed as the body's internal and external aura.

From a practitioner's point of view, it can be viewed as the actual quantum electrodynamic (QED) field that homeopathic remedies and acupuncture needles are able to affect.

From a biochemical perspective, it can be seen as the supra-chemical control system of the body, acting as the master control system for all metabolism and growth.

The body-field also is autocephalic (able to direct itself). At the quantum level, molecules can be considered as structures in space, which when aligned in certain ways, are able to interact with other structures. In other words, the alignment of subatomic "structures" can also stimulate chemical reactions.

The body-field, due to its structure, is responsible for directing the electronic structure of molecules within your body. Consequently, it not only serves as a control for information transfer, but it also influences all chemical reactions. Hence, the body-field can be seen as the master control system for all physiological processes.

We have been able to map out the structure of the body-field and which parts of it control which bodily systems.

It took more than 25 years to map out the information, or magnetic signposts, that are contained within an optimal QED field.

Infoceutical® Solutions Help Direct the Body-Field

Infoceutical® solutions are based on providing these core directions to the body-field so that any deviations away from the optimal body-field can be corrected.


Infoceutical® solutions help the body-field return to its optimal structure so that in its autocephalic capacity (its inherent structure gives it the ability to direct itself), it is able to direct the body in the most optimal way for health and wellness.

NES Infoceutical® solutions work to restore the structure of the body-field by providing the information the body-field needs to repair blocks, distortions, shocks, and other stresses on the body-field.

NES has devised a proprietary method of imprinting QED information onto a base of organic micro-minerals. Each Infoceutical® solution provides the information needed to restore specific aspects of the body-field to proper structure and functioning, which in turn, corrects the corresponding physiological processes in the body.

The Infoceutical® solutions fall into categories related to these processes: Energetic Drivers, Energetic Integrators, Energetic Terrains, and Energetic Stars.

How Infoceutical® Solutions Differ from Other Remedies

NES Infoceutical® solutions are unlike any other remedy because they are pure QED information.

The NES approach is fundamentally different from most other biotechnologies and their remedies because it is not concerned with treating symptoms or targeting specific things in the body.

Instead, NES is concerned with the functional integrity of the QED pathways in the body-field, because these serve as the master control systems for the biochemical processes.

The Infoceutical® solutions, therefore, work to correct fundamental processes that, when corrected, allow the body to do what it does best -- keep itself healthy.

To understand Infoceutical® solutions you have to understand how at the subatomic level entangled structures can affect each other instantly, no matter how far apart they may be.

If you affect one, the other, paired structure changes, too. Each Infoceutical® solution's information structure is similar to both the geno-field and to certain organelles in the body, which ensures the rapid uptake of the Infoceutical's information.

You could say that the imprinting of biological information is the basis of most bio-energetic medicine. With this in mind, the theory of how the NES Infoceuticals are "constructed" becomes quite fascinating.

How NES Infoceutical® Solutions are Made

First of all, information has to be imprinted within the Infoceutical® solutions that represents how subatomic particles (electrons, photons and phonons) behave at a specific part of the electromagnetic spectrum, since body processes are affected by different parts of the the EMF spectrum.

Then we must add the key information that pertains to the specific part of the body that is our target for correction. This is a complex process, as you can imagine, and it has taken years of trial-and-error research for us to perfect the procedures for accurately and reliably imprinting the QED information into the Infoceuticals.

The Effects of Infoceutical® Solutions

In the human body-field, information is transferred from one part of the field to another, and the pathway taken, in accordance with the laws of physics, will always be the one that requires the least amount of energy to transfer that data.

These pathways can be called the zero-energy pathways, and they are fundamental to the processes responsible for normal physiology.

What happens when your body isn't operating optimally?

At first, you won't even know. The body is able to keep the appearance of health by simply forcing the information transfer to go on as it did before.

It finds other, although less ideal, pathways to reroute the information.

But this redirection of information requires the body to use additional energy, which is why fatigue is often what you feel first.

The drain on energy also means the body is not able to coordinate all of its other functions optimally.

Infoceuticals are designed to correct distortions in the primary information pathways, which we call Energetic Integrators.

As the correction is taking place, however, fatigue may persist for a while until the body stops trying to use the incorrect pathways and switches back to the newly restored correct pathways.




Once pathways are corrected and the problems have been resolved, energy is actually gained instead of lost. The body can work as it was designed and maintain well-being and health.

Because NES is working at the level of the QED body-field, the system can be easily used to complement other modalities used by physicians, homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, clinical nutritionists, and even allopathic physicians. 




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