Finding Hope in the Middle of a Crisis




History tends to repeat itself, of which a common cycle is the life time of each generation – each going through Growth, Awakening, Decline & Crisis.

The most obvious correlation being that of the Great Depression, although many other generational cycles can be seen such as the Civil War and going much further back.

Most of the world tends to look at time as linear. Many think that change goes in one direction, and seem rather taken aback when Crises appear and then linearly course-correct and project things will deteriorate further. They don't appreciate that it takes crisis and the ending of one cycle for a new cycle to begin, with all its new solutions and energetic growth that is built out of the ashes of the old.

From Destructive Crisis to Growth

The new cycle of growth favors those that are able to let go of what no longer serves them and find purpose in what society wants going forward. We are in for some storms for the decade ahead, as aspects of society & institutions that no longer serve us break down. But around the corner will come a great rebuilding and period of growth.

While it’s beyond us to predict the future, we can look to history at how those clinging on to power when not in line with the majority of the population, tend to hold on in any way they can. In 2020, there has seen a massive increase in censorship, media manipulation and deception in an attempt to control people.

Yet, as history and the cycles of time show us, at some point, concentrated power dissolves and goes back to the people. 

The end of the aristocracy and rise of the working class in Russia, Europe, the French revolution are only a couple of examples. At some point, power concentrates so much it implodes in on itself and the cycle starts all over again. The only constant we can rely on is change.

As the World Turns to Global Order...

We are witnessing the will of the people for nationalism and individualism away from Institutions and Globalism as seen by Brexit and US politics. 

Of course, this is only a cyclic trend in itself, marked by the ending of one cycle. New institutions will be created that, over time, lead into the pendulum swinging towards increased Global order. 

Looked at through cycles, it’s healthy, looked at through a linear lens, increased global order leads only to Fascism. So as many of us fear for the world we are entering, remember that every crisis starts a new cycle of growth.

You might wonder, "Where are the cycles going?"

Searching the World for Answers

Inspired by our traveling around the US in a RV, we realized the incredible influence that Geography has on events over time.

Rivers enable farming & trade, Coastlines & Mountain ranges provide secure borders, and resource (oil) rich lands generate wealth and wars.

Because of their secure borders & navies being able to provide secure trade across most of the world, the UK and the USA, basically dominated the world in different periods.

Here we are in 2020, which marks the end of an extended cyclical view of World War 2…

In 1945, the US accounted for 50% of the Global economy and as part of ending the wars in Germany and the Japanese invasion of China, the US basically ended up providing free security for global trade at great cost.

From one viewpoint, the last 75 years have been considerably peaceful with far less wars than likely there would have been without one dominant “protector of the global order”.

Of course, the dark side of being the “Protector” is that power can be abused – especially evident where oil is concerned and regimes that didn’t want to go along with the globalist agenda. With US oil independence and the rise of nationalism (all part of the pendulum swing), begins a retraction of US global “protection” or “meddling”, depending on your viewpoint.

What Will the Next Cycles Look Like?

Will China implode with it’s demography problems, insane levels of money printing, and the US not safeguarding its trade?

With the US gone, will Iran become the most powerful country in the middle east?

Will the UK benefit from its independence from all the demographic and trade problems coming in Europe? Or will it continue its imperial role reversal and be even more subservient to the US?

Will France or Germany come out on top and will the European Union survive?

From a broader perspective did Britain really have a choice with Brexit, with the seeming chaos just part of the natural interaction of the swings of time and geography?

As we start to point fingers at each other, are we all perhaps like drops of water knocking into each other being swept downstream by the river of geography and time?

Of course, that would mean surrendering our ego to the larger patterns in play and realizing our neighbor who voted differently to us is no different to us. It's just another molecule of water being bounced around by the rivers of change.

A Reason for Hope

Coordinated or “information structured” water can be incredibly powerful as it gains knowledge about its environment and becomes more intelligent. It will start to align itself in a new direction.

We’re not quite there yet. In our modest prediction, which may be wholly inaccurate, it’s 5-10 years out.

In order to get there, increased global order will provide the opposing force, beyond governmental parties, such as from big tech, big banks, big pharma and mass media will increase censorship and control. 

I know it’s scary. Just keep in mind that one of the fundamental laws of reality is the Law of Polarity, which shows us why Information (Order) so elegantly opposes Entropy (Disorder). 

This and the next few years will be the perfect example of seeing both a large rise in order (tracking, media manipulation & tech replacing retail) along with a large rise in disorder (de-globalization & social disorder). 

And more importantly, it will accelerate the current order's fall into crisis and rebirth of the next cycle of regeneration and growth.

What You Can Do to Start the Cycle of Regeneration 

Now you might be wondering why we’re writing all this today of all days. Regardless of the election result, our projections of the lead characters, and likely fight till inauguration, the greater cycles of life are unstoppable. 

What can we do as the individual molecules in the great river of time?

We can exchange information with each other, we can gain knowledge, we can love our neighbor, we can understand each other’s fears, we can investigate what seems implausible without judgment of the person who brought us the information, we can rationally discuss our viewpoints so that a greater truth emerges. And with that the old order will dissolve and an aligned new emergent cycle of regeneration and growth will emerge.




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