BWS Updates: January 13, 2021




We recently made some updates to our platform that are useful for you to know about.

Recommendations Screen
We originally only showed patterns if there were enough orange / purple priorities.

This meant there were times when no patterns showed up, for instance when someone doesn't have many oranges / purples in a scan. Since BWS is a relative system, we feel it's useful to always show at least the 3 strongest patterns for a given scan, so you can still see the relative priorities.

3 Axes of BFA
Some have asked to have the 3 axes of BFA show up in scan comparisons, so we have made that update as well. That said, like everything in a comparison, they are in alphabetical order, so you won't see them together yet. We are working on an overall organization of this screen for later in this year.

Referral Links
We recently rolled out "referral links" (found in your profile) that you can give out to people so they can sign themselves up for free accounts. This link will automatically assign you as their practitioner.

Originally, if someone signed up in this way, they could not use a # with their email address (something added to your own email address if needed for a child or pet without their own email address). They also couldn't choose male / female or -- in the case of pets -- a species.

All of these items have been addressed. Now it's easier than ever for people to become your clients and buy NES Health products from you, but it's hardly the end.

We have a lot more features and improvements planned for the year. Make sure to read our newsletters and attend webinars to keep up on all we're doing for you!


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