5 Ways to Address Emotional Health for Better Patient Outcome

In NES Health theory, emotions are a key consideration in health and in helping clients or patients make progress. Let's consider why for a moment, then look at 5 ways to support emotional health in order to drive better overall health outcomes.

We know that everything we perceive as physical -- including our bodies -- is made of energy. Every energy particle produces a spherical standing wave that represents its frequency. Think of this as ripples on a pond, but going out in all directions. As energy comes together to produce organelles and cells in our bodies, countless energy spheres interact and, when they are in harmony, the body is healthy. Communication is good and energy is used properly and efficiently.

Anything introduced into the body that disrupts this natural harmony can cause health issues, and this includes emotions, which interact with the body-field and produce their own standing waves. Their own energy spheres. In other words, they can affect us just as "physical" things can.

Some emotions support harmony in the body and therefore feel good to us; others disrupt the harmony and feel bad to us. Both are valuable as a tool for understanding the world around us, but the body isn't designed to continually deal with disruptions, just as it's not designed to continually deal with toxic air, food, or water.

If a disruptive emotion isn't fully processed -- as in the case of ongoing stress or traumatic events -- then it continues to reside in the body-field as a disrupting energy sphere, or what we call an "emotional oscillator." This breaks down communication and energy efficiency in the body, which is why emotions are connected with so many health problems including exhaustion. It takes a lot more energy to do things when emotions go unresolved!

So what do we do for clients who are struggling with emotional events? There are both bioenergetic and physical ways to address such problems. Here are 5 ways to approach emotional health with your patients for better outcomes:

1. Raise Energy Levels

Since emotional oscillators deplete energy more rapidly, an easy quick win is to raise energy levels. This doesn't address the underlying problem of inefficiency, but can help a patient feel better and have the energy to take further steps in getting well.

We commonly think of food as our energy source, and indeed healthier eating choices can help to boost our energy. But exercise -- even if it just means getting up and walking more than we're already doing -- boosts our energy and is known to make us feel better as well.

Sunlight also energizes us, in part by creating a battery effect from the water inside us (by increasing positive and negative charge separation). So it's good to get into the sunshine for at least 15 minutes a day (without overdoing exposure). Daytime light also improves the mood.

Of course in NES theory, the body also produces "Source" energy from its interaction with the environment. This may in part be from the battery effect of water, but also relates to the tuning of cavities in the body -- which includes every cell, the microtubules within cells, large spaces like our lungs and abdomen, and so on. Our "Source Driver" Infoceutical (only available from NES Health practitioners) supports the body in producing this.

Other useful Infoceuticals only available from practitioners include Cell Driver (bioenergetically supporting the mitochondria and their production of ATP), Lung Driver (supporting oxygenation of the body), Kidney Driver (supporting adrenal function), and others designed to support the "triple cavities" of the body.

There is also a "Feel Good" Infoceutical called "Energy," which actually combines 2 of the Infoceuticals above (Source Driver and Triply Cavity Star). "Feel Goods" are designed for use with or without a scan, so this can be used to support patients at any time. (Patients can buy this and other Feel Goods on their own, as long as they have signed up for an account under a practitioner.)

2. Reduce Stress, Improve Absorption

A better diet won't help raise energy levels as much as it should if someone's struggling to absorb nutrients. And emotional oscillators can lead to malabsorption. This is why  the Infoceutical called ESR (Emotional Stress Release) is commonly used by NES Health practitioners to support absorption. (This is another Feel Good Infoceutical that patients can purchase at any time.)

Practitioners can also look at other areas of the body-field for needed support, including fields of the small intestine, the lining of the digestive tract, etc.

At least in the short-term, patients can take additional supplementation (under appropriate guidance) to help reach minimal nutrient levels until absorption issues are addressed. (Of course many will argue that ongoing supplementation has its benefits too.) Digestive enzymes may assist.

To actually address this possible cause of malabsorption, patients can look at ways to reduce stress in their lives. They can begin a habit of meditation. They can work their way out of too many commitments or unhealthy situations. And when it comes to eating, they can simply find a calm environment, calm themselves before eating, and chew their food more thoroughly.

2a. Don't Forget Geopathic Stress (Bonus Item)

Another NES-style item to consider is geopathic stress -- sometimes the body is stressed by its physical environment because of the way natural and unnatural features (caverns, waterways, faults, electrical systems, etc.) may break up the fields of the Earth and cause disruptions for the individual. Moving to a new location may help, but of course isn't always practical, so we look at scan priorities in general to understand where the body-field needs help. However, the following are areas of the body-field that are especially related to this issue:

* BFA (especially the Vertical Axis)
* Polarity -- affected by air travel and geopathic stress
* ED3 (Cell Driver)
* ED8 (Liver Driver) and EI8 (Microbes / Liver) -- the liver appears to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields (e-smog)
* EI5 (Lymphatics / Bladder) and EI12 (Shock / Spleen) -- both affected by geopathic stress

3. Support the Body's Spleen Driver

This Driver (part of the overall body-field) is an important one because it is linked to our long-term memories, and in this way is linked to emotional oscillators as well. Long-term memories that are charged with emotion can become overly dynamic and oscillate, turning into obsessions and contributing detrimentally to behavior.  

In traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is associated with emotional memory, and one sign of distortion in this field may be a craving for sweet foods. The dietary corrective is to introduce salty foods, especially in a highly mineralized form, like barley grass. In some circles of traditional Chinese medicine, beetroot juice also is said to help the spleen field.

However, the concept of “spleen” in our more modern view includes the part of the pancreas that makes enzymes, so when the pancreas field is damaged by emotional oscillators (and this happens a great deal), then it can be useful to help digestion by taking digestive enzymes. Alkalization is considered by many to assist the body when it is very, very ill, so again, barley grass may help here, as may fresh green vegetable juices.

4. Clear the Emotional Oscillators

This gets to the root of the issue -- emotions that haven't been fully processed and that continue to impact the health of the body. Our Mind-Body screen is designed to show where these oscillators reside and how to address them at the level of the body-field with Infoceuticals and the NES miHealth (our bioelectric device, used in clinic with a practitioner or at home for patients who choose to invest in it).

Liberator is broadly designed to help loosen and release emotional oscillators, especially those due to more traumatic events. It is our generalist and assists overall to "liberate" us from emotional events of the past. (This Infoceutical is also available as a setting on the miHealth.)

Brain Holograms are our specialists -- they are similar to Liberator, but they go deeper into more specific areas. Practitioners can look into details here to see how a past emotional conflict may be impacting specific areas of the body, and can also look at miHealth settings to help clear these. (Available as Infoceuticals.)

ESR (Emotional Stress Release) is designed for day-to-day stress, to help keep it at bay. It is the most commonly used Feel Good Infoceutical, as it has a general calming affect that can benefit so many areas of life.(This Infoceutical is also available as a setting on the miHealth.)

Chill is designed to help address long-standing stress, especially due to worry. It may help those who cannot fall asleep easily because they cannot shut off their thoughts, again especially due to worry.(This Infoceutical is also available as a setting on the miHealth.)

Of course there are many counseling techniques that also help to deal with unresolved emotions, especially those that work with the subconscious mind. And these techniques work beautifully alongside the use of Infoceuticals.

5. Heal the Heart Field

The heart plays such a central role in NES Health theory. It binds the primary fields of the overall body-field and is meant to be well-integrated with the brain. Healing the heart not only helps us in resolving emotional issues of the past, but also helps to better process future emotional events so that they don't store themselves as harmful oscillators.

To help lift a patient's outlook on life and promote this type of healing, look to Heart Driver (ED6) and Heart Imprinter Driver (ED2) (both of which are Feel Good Infoceuticals) along with the Heart Integrator (EI4).


It's easy, of course, for us to focus on what hurts physically. On what's not functioning as it's meant to. But resolving an issue, and keeping it from rearing up in other ways, means getting down to the roots. Working with emotions is a key way of doing this, and one of the profound things about Infoceuticals is the way they so often help one to shift emotionally. This is so common that our practitioners are trained to have their patients pay attention to these shifts -- a sure way to know that NES solutions are working, and a sure way to help someone move forward at a very deep level that affects everything else!

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