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Provide carefully balanced food supplements enhanced with bio-information and our unique absorption formula to re-build the body
I like the accuracy, the effectiveness and the simplicity, but most of all I like the safety. The safety factor is huge. There are no side effects to the Infoceuticals and NEStrition.

Ron Minson, NES Practitioner


As the body begins to repair itself and utilize the new information delivered via the infoceuticals, it is vital to support the biochemical processes of the body by providing the nutritional building blocks required for rebuilding and repairing tissues.

Available only through NES practitioners, NEStrition is a range of carefully balanced nutritional supplements uniquely encoded with bio-information using our proprietary imprinting technology.

How this works is that we imprint the nutritional formula with a perfect blueprint for optimal functioning, particular to the organs or systems the supplement is designed for. Once that information reaches the cells of those particular organs, they now have a new set of instructions for repairing tissues and optimizing functions.

A natural byproduct of this, and why nutritional supplementation is crucial to have in conjunction with the information imprinting (which also exists in our infoceuticals), is that the increase in repair and function of the cells and organs require more nutrients as building blocks for the new or repaired structures.

Because our NEStrition products all include imprinted information, superior whole-food and whole-herb ingredients, and a proprietary absorption formula to ensure the right nutrition gets to the right places… they deliver superior results to speed up the body’s healing functions and repair mechanisms because the body consistently has the building blocks it needs, when it needs them, and it is following the instructions it needs to maximize its usage of every nutrient it receives.

The NEStrition Difference

The only supplements imprinted with corrective bio-information, these products can uniquely direct nutrients to the places in the body where they are precisely needed most, while also clearing any blockages or distortions that would prevent the body from absorbing and utilizing those nutrients.

Because malabsorption seems to be the leading cause of failure in supplement and nutritional therapies, we took extra care to develop and imprint all of our NEStrition supplements with a special Absorption formula, designed and demonstrated to bio-energetically increase absorption.

You can also rest assured that each of our formulations is a carefully thought-out combination of 'whole food' herbs and nutrients that are found naturally in food and maintained in their entirety.


Researching the Efficacy of NEStrition

In a recent trial by Dr. Maritza Mainegra and Dr. Jorge Luis Campistrous Lavaut, of the then Cuban department of Health - CENAMANT, a double blind clinical trial into the efficacy of the NEStrition  product 'Flamese', was carried out in Cuba.

The aim of the study was to investigate the efficacy of the NEStrition supplement 'Flamese' on inflammation. The trial was undertaken from September 2010 to October 2011 with 60 participants:.

This study found that Flamese, which helps to cleanse, restore and rebuild the physiology of the body, had a positive effect with 90% of the participants showing positive results within 30 days.

The NEStrition Research report and full details of the findings can be explored here.


Our NEStrition Guarantee:

NEStrition supplements contain no chemicals and are made from pure, natural, and where available organic ingredients, including botanicals, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are readily recognized, retained, absorbed and utilized by the body. NEStrition supplements also contain natural digestive enzymes to further aid optimum assimilation and absorption of nutrients into the body.

The NEStrition line is a core component of the Total WellNES system, working in harmony with the NES Infoceuticals, and delivering bioenergetic and nutritional support to the main organs and organ systems during use of NES Infoceutical protocols. It’s just another way we are helping you to better serve and support your clients and their wellness goals.

The NEStrition Range

We offer a variety of imprinted supplement products, each imprinted with specific energetic information. Below you will find brief summaries of each product and what it contains. 


An energising and rejuvenating natural formula that strengthens and supports the endocrine system

Restore is the perfect complement for the NES Health Energetic Drivers which have a strengthening effect on the Human Body-field. This formulation is imprinted with information that helps the body to use and adapt to Source energy while supporting the body’s hormonal system.


Flamese is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. This blend assists in the relief of muscle and joint pain and inflammation from chronic and repetitive traumatic injury. Flamese contains a range of standard potency botanicals including turmeric and boswellia along with bromelain, a natural protease for anti-inflammatory activity.


Tumismooth promotes peak digestive performance and helps relieve gastrointestinal distress. Consists of plant enzymes and herbs (including marshmallow root, slippery elm, licorice root and mint), each specially selected for their healing properties.


AOenz is a high-potency super-antioxidant formula, making it an exceptional scavenger of free radicals and environmental toxins that are often associated with premature aging and ill health. Active ingredients include selenium yeast, green tea extract and grape seed extract.


Heart Beat supports the heart and circulatory system. A healthy heart is one of the keys to longevity. This unique blend of botanicals, including garlic, ginger and hawthorne, has been formulated to help keep the heart and circulatory system in optimal condition.

ET Support

ET Support is a powerful herbal immune booster containing the extracts of selected natural herbs and botanicals including echinacea, shitake mushrooms and oregano to help promote positive health and maintain optimum body resistance. 


HepPlex supports and helps strengthen and detoxify the liver. This formula combines herbs and selenium, which work synergistically to support liver function. Other active ingredients include milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and black radish. This supplement can be used for prolonged periods of nutritional support for the liver and hepatic vessels.