Correct distortions in the body's information with our range of liquid remedies imprinted with proprietary bio-information.

NES Infoceuticals

Once the body’s energy pathways have been cleared and energy flow restored via the NES miHealth, use our easy-to-take Infoceuticals to deliver the precise information your body needs to reclaim optimal functioning and health.

Designed to be taken at home in an ongoing daily protocol, our entire Infoceutical range allows you to address problems beneath the biochemistry of the body – directly impacting the physics of the body where the physical biochemistry and its quality are determined.

Encoded with corrective information that restores the body’s optimal blueprint for health and performance, our unique line of Infoceuticals is based on our proprietary and extensive mapping of the human body-field over the past 30+ years.

Each Infoceutical is an energetic remedy that has been imprinted with bio-information to directly pinpoint and correct distortions in your body-field. Their success lies in perfectly matching to a specific organ, system or sub-system of the body through our cutting-edge imprinting technology developed exclusively at our R&D center.

The remedy lies in the imprinted information. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and plant-derived microminerals. These micro-minerals are the substance imprinted with the corrective bio-information.

The imprinted information is immediately absorbed into the body-field, the Infoceutical then interacts directly with the body-field to help address blockages or distortions correlated to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins.

Clearing such blockages and distortions helps to restore the body’s balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities – often far beyond what we typically experience with our chronically compromised bodies.

Improve Effectiveness of Other Therapies

Every practitioner faces situations where a client’s body does not respond to therapy, or response is frustratingly slow. Yet what we have found is that such resistance to healing herbs, foods, or therapies is often a function of compromised absorption or distorted information.

What this means is that before the body can optimally respond to traditional or alternative healing therapies, we must first restore its ability to absorb and utilize the nutritional, energetic or allopathic medicine it receives.

For this reason, Infoceuticals have been shown to be very effective in supporting and improving the effectiveness of a practitioner’s other therapies, such as increasing absorption of nutrients or herbs… easing and minimizing mental or emotional resistance to transformation… and speeding up healing of tissues and repair of sports injuries.

Most importantly, Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy-to-use. Because they are informational in nature, rather than bio-chemical, the body will use only what it needs to restore optimal performance and achieve homeostasis.


Researching the Efficacy of NES Infoceuticals

We have recently conducted a research study into the effects of NES Infoceuticals on sufferers of IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia along with Professor Anna van Wersch from the University of Teesside.

All the participants experienced an improvement in symptoms, with all but one of the subjects continuing with the protocol after the end of the study.

The Professional Infoceutical Range

Our current line of Infoceuticals is only available via qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and therapists who have completed training and earned certification in the NES Health Total WellNES system.

In the professional range there are two main categories of Infoceutical:

Energetic Drivers (EDs)

These Infoceuticals are designed to properly power your body-field so that it can efficiently coordinate the complex functions of your physical body and enhance your overall energy and vitality. Each Driver Infoceutical correlates to a major organ or organ system and usually demonstrates priority within the body for immediate correction.

Energetic Integrators (EIs)

These help to clear any distortions from the information pathways that your body uses to work properly. Each Integrator interacts with several major organs, tissues and systems in the body and helps restore and balance energy flow through acupuncture meridians. The Energetic Integrator Infoceuticals have also been shown to increase clarity of mental functions and improve emotional elasticity and communication.

How to Take Infoceuticals

Infoceuticals are available in small bottles and are designed to allow patients to complete their corrective therapy at home, between visits, to correct the information distortions detected with the NES ProVision software.

The ProVision Software provides priority based recommendations for individual infoceutical therapy and generates an easy to follow schedule for your clients that includes daily dosing instructions for each priority infoceutical, their order of dosage, as well as number of drops.

Your clients can simply dispense the required number of drops for each infoceutical into a glass of water, in the order specified, once daily. Because the drops are informational rather than biochemical in nature, they can be taken safely and conveniently with any foods or nutritional supplements and used in conjunction with other health programs or therapies.

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