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Moving Beyond Biochemistry: How and Why to Integrate Pioneering Bioenergetic Solutions into Your Clinical Practice

Presenter: Niki Gratrix BA Dip ION NANP (See the Team Page for Niki's Full Bio)
CEU / CPD Hours: 1

In this webinar, presenter Niki Gratrix BA Dip ION NANP covers the stunning under-exposed scientific research behind biophysics and bioenergetics for human health.

In truth the basis of biochemistry and all of life is the making and breaking of molecular bonds, a process best understood by tenets fundamental to physics and rather than biochemistry.

The majority of professional health practitioners in the West are over-educated in biochemistry and under-educated in physics.

If we want to provide the best services to our patients and clients, a multifactorial approach which recognizes that the origin of an illness or imbalance is also energetic is central to a truly  "holistic" approach to medicine.

Whether we as practitioners train ourselves in more than one modality, create a multifactorial "provider team" in our clinic, or create a reliable referral network, all practitioners need to understand the strengths and limitations of their own modality, and importantly, when a referral or fundamentally different approach is needed to truly help our patients.

Energetic and informational medicine is set to become the central player in clinical practice as more practitioners realise it provides solutions that biochemical and pharmaceutical approaches simply cannot.

Increasingly, world-class practitioners are switching away from learning "more and more about less and less" in biochemistry, and choosing to expand their training to include bioenergetics and learning its underlying governing science of physics, approaches that have been part of the perennial wisdom of Eastern medical traditions for 1000s of years.

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Who is this webinar for?
All types of practitioners including medical doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, health coaches and energy medicine and natural healthcare practitioners.

In this presentation, Niki will take the audience through:

 - How frontier science in molecular biology is  the study of subatomic physics through femtochemistry and femtobiology

- How electromagnetic, biophotonic and informational fields can be modulated to change biochemistry via resonance in  our patients and clients

- Summary of over 40 years of research in PEMF technology including frontier science in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

- The science behind light and biophotonic therapies for health

- The implications of wave-particle duality in quantum physics and the existence of a human "information" field

- Latest pioneering research on how water can be imprinted with information to modulate biochemistry

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